California Country Artist Mitch Bradford Release New Single “More Than Life” Today, Tuesday, May 31

Recorded At The Iconic “Fleetwood Mac” Studio D At The Village

Photo Credit: Margaret Murphy

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rising singer/songwriter Mitch Bradford has released his new single “More Than Life” today, Tuesday, May 31. The song is the first release off of his forthcoming 4th studio album, Close, which will be out later this year. With his soulful vocals on full display, Mtich has created a song that is equal parts nostalgic and hopeful for the future creating an immersive listening experience for audiences across the globe. Listen to the new song here

“More Than Life” is about the magic of radio. When you could turn to an FM station, hear something totally unexpected, a new song for the first time, and feel so good,” Mitch said. “We tried to capture the spark of hearing a new song for the first time and knowing you’re going to love it forever.”

Knowing that he couldn’t wait for others to fund his dream record, Mitch took all the money he had made from shows, invested it in cryptocurrency, sold it and funded Close all by himself. The release later this year will mark the first time a country record has ever been fully funded by crypto, but more than that, it marks an independent artist taking full control of his dreams, and investing in the work he believes in passionately and wholeheartedly. 

“More Than Life,” as well as the additional nine songs on his upcoming album, were recorded at the historic Studio D at The Village where Fleetwood Mac recorded their music. Mitch knew going into the recording process that he wanted to capture the heart of California in each and every song. Bringing unwavering authenticity and respect for the past to the forefront of his music, Mitch has created a melodically timeless gem with “More Than Life.” Born in the small town of Brownsville, Texas, Mitch Bradford headed out West to make a name for himself in music. He has incurred over 1 million streams on Spotify with fan favorite tracks such as “Love Is Kind” and “Sweet Defender.” With more new music on the way this year, Mitch is dedicated to taking listeners back to 70s radio Rock with a touch of Americana flair. 

Stream “More Than Life” HERE.

Keep up with Mitch on Instagram, Facebook and his official website.

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