Joe Barron’s Hard Working Spirit Shines On New Single “Rockstar”

The value of hard work and struggle is not lost on up and coming genre bending star, Joe Barron. Moving to Nashville with just $350 to his name, Barron learned through the experience the importance of grit and determination in any industry, but especially within the music business. Working any job he could just to keep his musical dream alive, Barron’s first big break came when auditioning to play Tootsie’s on Broadway which Barron credits for setting him up on the Nashville circuit and getting him to where he is today.

Barron’s newest single, “Rockstar” is the perfect embodiment of Barron’s personality and the road he’s travelled to get to this point. “Rockstar” points a laser on the struggles up and coming artists face when trying to carve out a spot within the industry, and the inner battle to keep your head up amidst the struggle. “Rockstar” shows off Barron’s genre bending style exquisitely, forming a fresh Country-Pop-Rock sound that sounds both cohesive and authentic to Barron.

Up next for Barron is hitting the road with Nelly for a few of the dates on his “Lil Bit Of Music Series Tour”, Barron will join Nelly in New Mexico for two shows October 11th and 12th.

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