REVIEW: Jonathan Hutcherson (EP)

Kentucky native Jonathan Hutcherson, burst onto the scene with the release of his self titled debut EP this past Friday. Hutcherson’s foray into the country world is one rooted in strong writing and an instrument forward production style, giving the project a vibrant backing. The rootsy feel of the project coupled with Hutcherson’s unique and outstanding voice work to form a project that is both enjoyable to listen to yet not light on substance. With this project Hutcherson announced himself as an artist to watch both now and in the future.

Track By Track

1) Love Takes Time (Jonathan Hutcherson, Josh Jenkins) “Love Takes Time” kicks this project off with a bang! The uptempo track sets the vibe for the EP with Hutcherson finding beauty in the simple side of life. “Love Takes Time” is an ode to commitment and giving your whole self to strengthening a relationship because “life takes living and love takes time”. Instead of growing from outside experiences Hutcherson is looking inward for a growth that can all be achieved by living life and learning the lessons it throws at us.

2) Young (Jamie Moore,Jonathan Hutcherson, Parker Welling) Only a young love can make us feel like we’ll never grow old. Centered around the idea of young forever, “Young” recounts the bliss of a youthful relationship sheltered away from the real world. In this youthful mindset Hutcherson tells this girl that they’re always gonna be young and not to worry about what may be going outside of the bubble they’ve build for themselves. “Young” is a song that stays in the moment and is such an enjoyable listen as Hutcherson delivers his best vocal performance on the project.

3) Speak Of The Angel (Jonathan Hutcherson, Josh Jenkins, Josh Kerr, Mark Trussell) “Speak Of The Angel” has emerged as my favorite song of this project. The almost RnB sounding track is such an intriguing listen. Throughout the song Hutcherson wonders what he’s done right to get the “Angel” that he’s been praying for. Hutcherson is more than grateful to have her though. “Speak Of The Angel” is the kind of song where you can just close your eyes and let it all sink in. The simple beauty of this song is marvelous and “Speak Of The Angel” is primed to be a hit.

4) Sky Without Stars (Gordie Simpson, Heather Morgan, Jonathan Hutcherson) The only sad song on the project “Sky Without Stars” is simply stunning. Lamenting a lost love, Hutcherson struggles to find beauty in the world. To Hutcherson living without her would be like “looking at a sky without stars” and Hutcherson can’t take this feeling of nothingness, so instead he holds out hope that she’ll come back and put the stars back in the sky.

5) Kentucky Blues(Heather Morgan, Jonathan Hutcherson, Mark Trussell)- Hutcherson’s missing Kentucky. Sick of L.A living Hutcherson is feeling blue, reminiscing and reliving all of the great times he’s had back home. What I love so much about this song is that while it’s lyrically sad, by listening to the music only you’d think it was a happy song. This dichotomy keeps listeners engaged and enamored throughout this awesome song.

All in all, Hutcherson put together an incredible debut project that showcases him as a versatile artist willing to take chances and push boundaries while also remaining true to his roots.

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