WoC Exclusive: Bri Fletcher Debuts New Single “Everything I’m Not”, Lyric Video

Bri Fletcher has found that opposites tend to attract. Fletcher’s new single, “Everything I’m Not” explores this paradigm beautifully and cleverly. Throughout the song, Fletcher details all of her insecurities associated with falling for someone “so completely opposite” from her, but at the end of the day realizing that she’s “good with everything we got”. Fletcher finds that as much as it may not make sense on the surface, deep down she know that he is her missing puzzle piece and would not change a thing, even if she could.

Fletcher’s incredibly clear tone and undeniable storytelling ability shine throughout this incredibly relatable love song. Fletcher continues to captivate audiences with her unparalleled vocal talent and incisive songwriting ability.

“Everything I’m Not” is available everywhere tomorrow but you can be the first to listen right here with Worlds of Country.

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