Weekend Roundup June 6th

The weekend roundup is back after another incredible week of releases from some of the industry’s brightest up and coming stars!

Gone Too Soon (EP), Andrew Jannakos- Featuring Jannakos’ trademark velvety smooth vocals “Gone Too Soon” is a standout project from top to bottom. Jannakos first burst onto the scene when the then title track “Gone Too Soon” went viral on tiktok. Since then Jannakos has inked a record deal with Sony Nashville and has continued to build his star with this tremendous project. My favorite moment on the EP is “Somebody Love You” which features Jannakos singing to a girl to remind her that although she may not feel that she is loved or even worthy of love he will always be there for her.

Let It Break, Kelsey Lamb- On “Let It Break” Kelsey Lamb does not want to be let down easy. Lamb is begging her ex to spare her the platitudes and cliches and instead let her  stew in heartbreak. Lamb acknowledges that what he’s telling her might just be true yet she is simply not ready to hear it. Lamb’s vocal and the deeply emotive writing combine make this song a hit.

See That Summer, Tyler Chambers- Dripping with nostalgia “See That Summer: features Chambers reminiscing on a summer he spent with a girl and all the memories that they made together. Chambers uses such vivid detail that listeners are able to place themselves squarely in his shoes as they listen to this sure hit. Chambers is someone that has burst onto my radar recently and this release is his best yet!

Hits Different, Lakeview- The title kind of tells the whole story, this song simply “Hits Different”. On “Hits Different”, Lakeview wants a break from the overpriced frills of big city living. Lakeview wants to escape to the simple life of the country where the simplicity inexplicably seemingly makes everything better, even the taste of beer.The trademark raspy vocal of Lakeview is present throughout the song and helps bring the energy of the song to another level.

Love Me Back, Bri Fletcher- On “Love Me Back” Fletcher is struggling to walk away from a relationship that isn’t working. Fletcher laments the fact that this guy loves her back, and wishes he didn’t, in which case it would be much easier for her to leave. The extremely relatable lyric and Fletcher’s impeccable storytelling ability work together to put a fresh,unique twist on this often told tale.

I Wish You Would, Ross Ellis- Ellis’ unique vocal is truly a joy to listen to throughout this sultry track. Ellis is longing for just one more chance with his ex to remember the way things used to be between them.Ellis doesn’t care how much it hurts, he just wants this one last chance regardless of the potential  consequences. This track is incredibly well written and the simple production allows Ellis’ voice to be the star. 

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