Weekend Roundup May 2nd

The weekend roundup is back after another week of incredible releases from some of the industry’s biggest stars and brightest up and coming stars.

Priscilla Block (EP), Priscilla Block- An extremely well rounded project that shows off Block’s immense talent. This EP goes hard on themes such as heartbreak and moving on and Block has an ability to tell these stories with an emotional ease. My favorite tracks of the new tracks would be “Heels In Hand” which is a song about falling into unfulfilling relationships and being left with nothing to show for it except these “Heels In Hand”.

To Us It Did, Mitchell Tenpenny- Mitchell Tenpenny continues his upward trajectory with “To Us It Did”, a song that reflects on the beauty of small town legends and the growing up the simple way. Throughout the song Tenpenny pays homage to his younger years and all of the things that meant the world back then. Tenpenny’s trademark rasp adds an extra dynamic to this well written song.

Overnight Sensation, Lily Rose- Probably my favorite release of the week, “Overnight Sensation” features Rose, reminiscing on all of the hard work she’s put in to become a so called “overnight sensation”. Rose reflects on all of the hours she’s put in that nobody sees along with all of her doubts about whether she’d ever make it that nobody has ever heard. Yet, despite all of the trials and tribulations that accompanied Rose chasing her dream all the outside world sees is an “overnight sensation”, however this one is “13 years in the making”

Whiskey Mode, Hunter Phelps- One of the smartest concepts I’ve heard in a really long time! “Whiskey Mode” is centered around the idea that phones should come equipped with a “whiskey mode” the same way they come with an airplane mode. While in whiskey mode features such as texting or calling your ex would be disabled and all that would be allowed is calling an uber to get home. The concept is so smart and catchy and one of my favorite songs of the week.

BS I Need, Charly Reynolds- Charly Reynolds is fed up on “BS I Need”! Reynolds is tired of life’s struggles and hearing from her ex boyfriend and is looking for an escape to the “beach and the sand” as that is the only “BS” she needs. This need to escape is a concept that everyone can relate to and Reynolds expresses this common feeling in such a fun way. The song gives off incredible summer, beachy vibes and the catchy melody is one that you will definitely find yourself humming along to.

Chicago, Amanda Cooksey- Three minutes of pure unadulterated heartbreak, in which Cooksey is searching for as to when and why her relationship ended. Cooksey wonders whether he really left her in June or whether he really left her when he was in Chicago. Cooksey is unsatisfied with the unanswered questions as to why what happened in Chicago between her ex and another woman. Cooksey acknowledges that she may be better off not knowing but for some reason she just must know what went down.

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