Lauren Weintraub Stuns With Debut Single “She’s Mine”

A perfect blend of pop-country heartbreak, “She’s Mine” kicked off the artist career of Lauren Weintraub with an outstanding opening salvo. The song provides a unique and cool perspective on heartbreak, and the thoughts and feelings that often go along with watching our old flames move on.

Throughout the song , Weintraub is caught reminiscing about her ex and laments the fact that he has moved on to a girl, that in Weintraub’s mind is flawless inside and out. Weintraub wonders throughout what it is that the new girl is doing that she couldn’t and Weintraub can’t bring herself to hate the new girl as much as she tries to. However, the most stunning moment of this song is the hook, in which Weintraub laments that this new girl is both the reason her ex is up all night, and the reason she can’t sleep, as she’s left awake wondering what the new girl is doing that is making her ex so happy. Throughout, this gut-wrenching is song Weintraub’s voice is top notch and takes the deeply personal, hyper relatable lyric to another level.

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