“Being a Country Singer Is All I Ever Wanted To Do”: An Interview with Lexie Hayden

For as long as she can remember, becoming a country singer was the only thing Lexie Hayden has ever wanted to do. Heavily influenced by the early work of Taylor Swift, Lexie picked up a guitar and began finding her voice and ultimately landing in Nashville at the age of 22. When she moved, Lexie was able to jump right in and start finding her voice, Lexie credits her summer interning for the “Bobby Bones Show” for giving her the connections and the courage to chase her dream. While, her journey has not been free of struggle, as Lexie tells me her second year in Nashville was really rough as she was questioning whether artistry was the path forward for her or if she should stick to just writing songs; Hayden is thankful for her friends who talked her back into her pursuit of her lifelong dream.

Photo By Emma Golden

Now 27, Lexie is fresh off her incredible EP “You Heard Right”, which Lexie tells me “came out at the perfect time”. While, she laments not being able to play shows and celebrate the two years that went into making this EP with fans, Hayden feels she’s been able to promote the EP using social media to connect with fans and expand her reach. Hayden tells me that much of this album is drawn from real personal experience, with the standout track, “Wish You Would’ve Cheated” being the most real moment on the album. Hayden tells me this story about an ex that never did her wrong is entirely true, and also reveals that he’s heard the song and thankfully they are on good terms.

As an independent artist, Hayden has wisely used social media tools to promote herself, and feels that while social media is changing things that her current independence precludes her from reaching tons of new fans, as radio spins are largely reserved for major label artists. Hayden, however has had the privilege of hearing herself on the radio a couple of times, as a part of the “Women of iHeart Country” weekend playlist. While, Hayden cherishes those moments she is still not satisfied and seeks to take another giant leap toward the industry’s top and the radio spins that accompany it. If Hayden’s recent teasers on social media are an indication of what she has in store, she truly deserves the recognition as one of Nashville’s best up and coming voices.

You can check out Lexie’s EP “You Heard Right” wherever you listen to music! And you can also purchase it which is a tremendous help to independent artists like Lexie!

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