Top 10 Rascal Flatts Songs

As Rascal Flatts prepares to say goodbye to the country music scene next week after 20 incredible years as the premier group in country music, we figured what better time would there be to pay tribute to them!

Let’s get to it!

10) Life Is A Highway (Cars Movie)- While Life Is A Highway is a cover song, we just couldn’t see a way to not include it on this list. The placement of this track in the first Cars movie was one of my first introductions to country music as a kid, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. So purely for the impact this song has had on a generation of country fans, Life Is A Highway claims the number 10 spot on the list.

9) I Melt (Melt)- One of my favorite country love song’s I Melt features a guy so enthralled by his girlfriend that he melts like a candle every time he sees her. Vocally this is one of my favorite Rascal Flatts songs and coupled with the simplicity of the lyrics, I Melt is an absolute stunner.

8) Rewind (Rewind) (Ashley Gorley, Chris DeStefano, Eric Paslay)- Rewind features a man lost in the glow of the night before and wishing he could relive it. The man having had an incredible night with his girlfriend wishes he could recork the bottle of wine they drank and do it all over again. This idea of holding onto a night is beautifully told through the writing of this song and once again we get a stellar vocal.

7) Fast Cars And Freedom (Feels Like Today) (Gary LeVox, Neil Thrasher, Wendell Mobley)- This song is centered around a man reassuring a woman that she is beautiful to me no matter what she wears or how much makeup she dons. Fast Cars And Freedom features some of my favorite imagery in a Rascal Flatts song, from the “dust trail following an old grey nova” to the “T Shirt hanging off a dogwood branch”.

6) Stand (Me And My Gang) (Blair Daly, Danny Orton)- Stand is one of, if not the most meaningful Rascal Flatts songs of all time. Stand is a song about persevering through life’s turbulent times and standing strong throughout. The message of getting beaten down to your knees and getting up, stronger, ready for to take your next hit is one that resonates and the writing of this song is a cut above.

5) Riot (Rewind) (Jaron Boyer, Sara Haze) Riot cleverly details the thoughts of a man worrying about his girlfriends breaking his heart. The man acknowledges that without her he’d be a broken shell of himself. Someone who could go through the motions of having a good time, yet on the inside he knows that without her he’d be empty inside. This song almost reads as the man’s last plea to her to not break things off and in that sense it is heartbreakingly beautiful.

4) Bless The Broken Road (Feels Like Today) (Bobby Boyd, Jeff Hanna, Marcus Hummon)- Is this the greatest country love song of all time? Well it’s definitely up there. Bless The Broken Road is a song about a man finding his way to his wife, and all the turns on this broken road that eventually led him into her “loving arms”. This song never fails to either put a smile on my face or a tear in my eye and on occasion both.

3) What Hurts The Most (Me And My Gang) (Steve Robson, Jeffery Steele)- What a heartbreaker! What Hurts The Most focuses on a man trying to move on after a breakup and his ability to put on a brave face when he’s out in public, but the simple things in life are more difficult when the though of how close they were to true love rushes to the front of his mind. Vocally, this song is beautifully delivered and drives home this heartbreaking message in a truly iconic way.

2) I’m Movin’ On (Rascal Flatts)- I’m Movin’ On is the only Rascal Flatts song that moves me more than Stand. I’m Movin’ On speaks of a man coming to peace with his past, the good ], the bad and the many mistakes he’s made. I’m Movin’ On is the story of a boy becoming a man ready to seize the day and make it on his own in the big world and escape the town that his left him with so much heartache throughout the years.

1) Here Comes Goodbye (Unstoppable) (Chris Sligh, Clint Lagrberg)- Pretty fitting, eh? Here Comes Goodbye is one of the most heartbreaking songs I’ve ever heard. Here Comes Goodbye focuses on the moment a man’s girlfriend pulls up to his door and before even seeing her he realizes that goodbye is on the way. The man heartbreakingly realizes that instead of dreaming of the violins playing as she walks down the aisle to him, the first of all of his, many tears is on the the way.

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