Song Of The Year Countdown 30-21

Today we continue our countdown of the top songs of the year with songs 30-21. A reminder that in order to be eligible for this list songs must have either been released this year or part of a project that was released this year.

Let’s Get To It!

30) Stick That In Your Country Song- Eric Church (Davis Nash, Jeffery Steele) In Stick That In Your Country Song, Eric Church pleads with the country music establishment to focus on the reals issues in the world instead of putting an often monotonous product. I’m glad to see this song has gained some traction as his point is very valid and the must be addressed by the industry.

29) Good Day- Brett Eldredge (Daniel Tashian, Brett Eldredge, Ian Fitchuck) Good Day is a song that is destined to cheer you up, which is something we all needed during this year. Eldredge sings about finding happiness in spite of what may going on outside. This hope filled anthem is a true standout on Sunday Drive which will most definitely be included in our Albums Of The Year.

28) Still Goin’ Down- Morgan Wallen (Michael Hardy, Morgan Wallen, Ryan Vojtesak) One of the newest songs to make the list, Still Goin’ Down is an anthem. Wallen gives an impassioned defense of the way he was raised and hits back at those that sneer at people like him. Still Goin’ Down is an upgraded version of The Way I Talk, a favorite of mine off of Wallen’s debut album, If I Know Me.

27) Bad Advice- Ingrid Andress (Derrick Southerland, Ingrid Andress, Jamie Moore) It has been an incredible year for Ingrid Andress. Bad Advice is a fun song about losing your after breakup and listening to the “bad advice” that everyone has to offer. As always Andress’ incredibly clear voice tells the story in a way few others can. The self deprecating nature of this song coupled with it’s Hawaiian vibes make this song one of Andress’ best.

26) Fire And Flame- Kip Moore (Brett James, Cary Barlowe, Kip Moore, Will Weatherly) Kip Moore is one the most underrated appreciated country artists, so it is fitting that his latest has not been properly appreciated, Fire And Flame is a song about being caught in the middle of right and wrong, The message of being in between reminds of Scotty McCreery’s number hit “in between”. Moore acknowledges that he has not always done the right thing and comes to grips with his shortcoming throughout this incredible song.

25) Gabrielle- Brett Eldredge (Daniel Tashian, Brett Eldredge, Ian Fitchuck) The lead single off Eldredge’s latest album, Sunday Drive, Gabrielle focuses on Eldredge wondering about his lost love, Gabrielle. Eldredge is caught wondering why things ended between them and where they might be now had they stuck it out together. The production, Eldredge’s smooth voice and of course that incredible piano throughout work together to make this song an absolute stunner.

24) Just About Over You- Priscilla Block (Emily Kroll, Priscilla Block, Sarah Jones) The country music tiktok hit of the year, Just About Over You is in my opinion the female version of Luke Combs’ first hit, Hurricane. The story centers around a girl in a bar getting over her ex when suddenly he walks in and ruins everything for her, dredging up old feelings that should was hoping to forget.

23) Feeling Things (Ingrid Andress, Jason Wu, Trey Campbell) Ingrid Andress producing an incredibly tender vocal over a piano, we’ve heard that before! Ingrid Andress and her piano should be recognized as one of country music’s power couples after all the sad hits they’ve made together. On Feeling Things, Andress sings about shutting down after breakups and the cycle of shutting down, opening up, getting hurt and finally shutting down again, before Andress lets out that she misses “feeling things”

22) I Don’t Need To Know- Maddie & Tae (Adam Hambrick, Jimmy Robbins, Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye) I Don’t Need To Know centers around that post breakup period where you hear what your ex has been up to, but would rather not. Maddie & Tae would rather not know just far past them their exes have moved and instead would rather live with their blissful ignorance. The repetition of the line “I don’t need to know” drives home the message that they really would rather not know. The bridge of this strong, where once again we get line reputation, this time the line is “what you don’t know can’t kill ya so keep it to yourself now will ya” is one of my favorite song segments of the year. Maddie & Tae’s incredible harmonies are on full display throughout this song

21) Heartland- Hailey Whitters (Hailey Whitters, Nicole Galyon, Forest Whitehead) The song that put this heartland girl on the map is aptly titled Heartland. The double entendre and word play throughout this song is a cut above so much that was released this year, and this cleverness is found all throughout Whitters’ debut album, The Dream. On Heartland, Whitters sings of failing to meet hometown expectations in a way that is reminiscent of Kacey Musgraves’, Merry Go Round. Except different than Musgraves in Merry Go ‘Round, in Heartland, Whitters desires to go home to the heartland to let her heart land after all the hardships and heartbreaks she’s faced out on the road.

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