Chelsey James Is Not Your Typical Country Singer

For Chelsey James, pursuing a career in music was never even a thought that entered her mind. Like many, James attended college in hopes of finding her passion, and hopefully a lucrative job when all was said and done. Flash forward to her senior year of college, James went out to sing karaoke with herContinue reading “Chelsey James Is Not Your Typical Country Singer”

Amy Jack Introduces Herself

Boasting a big voice and a classic country sound, Amy Jack is looking to carve a path in an industry that increasingly lacks the kind of old school, throwback sound that she possess. Amy even had the pleasure of having her debut record, Introducing Amy Jack produced by the great Merle Haggard. Amy’s album wasContinue reading “Amy Jack Introduces Herself”

Mick N Phil Prep For Single Release: An Interview

For twin brothers Mick and Phil Muir a life in music has always been in cards. Influenced, by both alternative rock acts and more country sensations Dan and Shay and Morgan Wallen, Mick N Phil strive to put out unique”, heartfelt” music as they work to gain traction overseas. While, in some ways the lackContinue reading “Mick N Phil Prep For Single Release: An Interview”

“Being a Country Singer Is All I Ever Wanted To Do”: An Interview with Lexie Hayden

For as long as she can remember, becoming a country singer was the only thing Lexie Hayden has ever wanted to do. Heavily influenced by the early work of Taylor Swift, Lexie picked up a guitar and began finding her voice and ultimately landing in Nashville at the age of 22. When she moved, LexieContinue reading ““Being a Country Singer Is All I Ever Wanted To Do”: An Interview with Lexie Hayden”

“Heartbreak Is My Mission For Commission”: An Interview With Parker Gaye

For Independent, Canadian artist Parker Gaye a life in country music has long been dream. Inspired young, Parker would take her toy microphone and put on performances for those closet to her. Parker, now is living the dream with her debut single “Do Over” having amassed over 30,00 streams and counting on Spotify, and asContinue reading ““Heartbreak Is My Mission For Commission”: An Interview With Parker Gaye”

Up and Coming Artist Faith Schueler Keeps Marching On

“March On Girl” the title of Faith Schueler’s latest single, signals the South Carolina born singer’s desire to reach the top of her hyper competitive industry and inspire others on her way to the top. Faith sings of marching through life’s battles and growing stronger every day in the face of adversity. You can hearContinue reading “Up and Coming Artist Faith Schueler Keeps Marching On”

An Interview With Montana Modderman

Fueled by an innate love of songwriting, up and coming country artist Montana Modderman is looking carve a path to the industry’s upper-echelon. Blending both country and pop influences, Montana uses incisive, emotional songwriting and her incredibly clear tone to tell stories in a way that few others do. We had the pleasure of catchingContinue reading “An Interview With Montana Modderman”