6-Pack of Songs (January 24th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we countdown our six favorite new singles from the week that was!

6: Forget Me Not, Anslee Davidson- A storytelling masterpiece chock full of heartbreak and a side of sass, Anslee Davidson shines bright on her new single Forget Me Not. Throughout the track Davidson is urging her ex to forget her and their past together. Davidson’s stellar lyrical and vocal ability both come to the forefront on this absolute earworm.

5: Boys in Boots, Erin Kinsey- Erin Kinsey clearly and cleverly outlines exactly what her type is on her new single Boys in Boots. Kinsey takes the time to emphatically articulate just what she is looking for in a man, throughout this incredibly catchy track, bringing a distinct summery flare to mid January.

4: She’s No Good For Me, Meghan Patrick- This high energy yet vulnerable track is truly a standout from the week that was. Meghan Patrick reflects on her past and her personal journey of maturation, and attempts to leave past vices behind. Patrick reminisces on the good times she had but she’s equipped with the knowledge that returning to her past ways would not serve her well, so instead she opts to leave these fond memories where they belong.

3: Makes A Man, Jonathan Hutcherson- Sticking with the theme of maturation, Jonathan Hutcherson’s new single, Makes a Man is a beautifully penned ballad about the power of love. Hutcherson tells the story of an immature man rapidly growing up when he sees the love of his life in front of him. This man’s perspective of life is completely reframed, where he used to be selfish he now finds himself thinking of this girl’s wants and needs before his own. The timeless and extremally relatable message of this track resonates deeply with listeners.

2: Tried & True, Meg McRee- Love isn’t always easy and maybe that’s what makes it so special. Meg McRee explores this idea beautifully on her new single Tried &True. Mcree’s full throated and stunning vocal wows listeners and the track’s lyrical depth and meaning adds a brilliant complexity to an all around great track.

1: A Little Too Good, Vincent Mason- Sometimes things are just a little too good to be true. Vincent Mason’s new single A Little Too Good is perfect for anyone who may have met the wrong person simply at the wrong time. Mason acknowledges that this short lived relationship was wonderful but it’s rapid ascent was quickly followed by a steep decline, resulting in this incredibly reflective and introspective track. A Little Too Good is yet another great example of Mason’s innate ability to connect with listeners with his deep cutting lyrics.

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