6-Pack of Songs (January 17th)

Welcome back to 6-pack where we countdown our six favorite new singles from the week that was.

6: Me Pt. 2, Priscilla Block- Filled to the brim with sadness, Priscilla Block tries to finds solace on her new single, Me Pt. 2. Block sees her ex feebly attempting to recreate her with a new girl who just so happens to resemble Block an awful lot. Block’s vulnerable and tender vocal invites listeners in and hits them squarely where it hurts.

5: Her, Sophia Scott- Running the gauntlet of deep emotions, Sophia Scott’s new single Her, is vulnerable, yet angry, compassionate, yet apathetic. Scott’s diverse and dynamic artistry shines throughout a single sure to leave listeners both thinking and feeling.

4: My Future, Greylan James- A tremendous play on words My Future shows off the songwriting prowess of Greylan James. James reminisces on a failed attempt a future and his ongoing effort to put this future in his rearview and continue pushing forward towards his true future as opposed to the one he had imagined in his mind.

3: River Run, Ian Munsick- Continuing his run of great releases, Ian Munsick is back again with River Run. Munsick’s use of imagery firmly plants a picture in the heads of listeners. Munsick plays the part of small town boy trying and failing to keep a girl with big city dreams, Munsick notes that while everyone and everything sticks around this little town “her and the River Run” hopelessly away.

2: Unlove You, Troy Cartwright- Looking to move on once and for all, Troy Cartwright is willing to go so far as to expunge these uncomfortable and heartbreaking memories from his mind. Cartwright seemingly unable to find peace and march forward, pleads for the ability to unlove his ex even if it meant erasing all of the good times they shares as well. Unlove You is vulnerable and raw leaving, connecting deeply with listeners.

1: you don’t deserve a country song, Alana Springsteen- Filled with righteous indignation, Alana Springsteen’s fiery new single you don’t deserve a country song, serves as the perfect springboard into her upcoming debut album. Springsteen, done wrong by her ex, sharply informs him that he is not worthy of being the reason Springsteen’s pen hits the paper, or a melody falls from her mouth. Springsteen is unwilling to give him want he desperately desires, being the focal point of one of her songs, instead she opts to tell the world exactly why this rotten heartbreaker deserves anything but. Springsteen’s soaring vocals and cunning lyrical ability come together to produce an absolute earworm.

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