Zye Ca$h Talks Love, Family, New Single “Love Someone”

A genre bender by nature, Zye Ca$h’s new single, Love Someone, wonderfully encompasses Zye’s unique artistry and why he has quickly made a name for himself within the industry. While Zye admits he “never thought I’d be doing this,” he has fully embraced this dream and all that comes with it. Zye a self-proclaimed “inexperienced” singer recalls fooling around on Tiktok when suddenly he went viral. With the encouragement of others Zye pushed forward and continued testing the waters musically, citing his drive “to improve” as a motivating factor in chasing down this one in a million dream.

Zye’s new single, Love Someone, is a beautifully written track about love and the human desire to Love Someone. Zye, a single father, recalls sitting around “in a really lonely place” and thinking “I want to love somebody but with the demands of this industry I haven’t had the time or energy to give myself to someone else and find love.” Zye who says he’s “built for love and family” uses this highly relatable and deep cutting track to detail his desire to find the one. Zye knew this song felt special and once it went viral on Tiktok he knew he had to give the fans what they wanted so he went and finished up the song.

Zye plans to keep on churning out new music and making connections within the industry to help further his dreams.

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