Filled with Nostalgia, Brandon Ratcliff Proudly Chases Dreams on “Tale Of Two Towns”

Rooted in heartfelt emotion and next level songwriting, Brandon Ratcliff’s Tale Of Two Towns kicks off the year a fantastic and fascinating fashion. The double sided album, features 18 tracks in total, nine of which are instrumental, showing off the full range of Ratcliff’s unique artistry, and willingness to be different. The title track kicks off the album on a powerful note as Ratcliff wonders if leaving his hometown to chase his dreams was the right thing to do. Ratcliff, who admittedly couldn’t wait to get out of town, is now trying to stay afloat amidst a tidal wave of small town nostalgia. This track serves as a tremendous springboard for the rest of this well thought out album.

The next section of songs focus in on love and loss, as Ratcliff desperately tries to move on and ush forward from love gone wrong, Always Moving On gives the project a classic, homey feeling as Ratcliff’s soulful and pained vocal takes center stage. Best Thing That Never Happened is a favorite of mine, as an indignant Ratcliff finds the hidden blessings and reframes his perspective in the aftermath of this failed love. Grow Apart is an incredible testament to Ratcliff’s storytelling ability, as Ratcliff soaks in the nostalgia of young love and the hard truth that “either you grow together or you Grown Apart.”

Where I’m Coming From is another on of my favorites on the project. Ratcliff once again basks in hometown nostalgia and his perhaps fool hearted yet total justified desire to run to get out of his hometown. Ratcliff takes listeners on his journey to manage his innate homesickness and the striking vulnerability resonates deeply. Really Ready gives the album a retro feel, as Ratcliff comes to the realization that the perfect moment to chase his dreams does not exist and that if he opts to wait for when he is Really Ready the moment and opportunity will most likely have already passed. Someone Who Believes In You is an ode to the people that have encouraged and supported Ratcliff along this journey, picking him and urging to keep going even when this dream may’ve looked bleak.

Drove Me Country is a tale of Ratcliff returning to his roots, sick and tired of the heartbreak of Nashville, Ratcliff goes back home, where he feels safe. Sad Song closes out Disc A on a somber note as Ratcliff ponders love and the music business throughout this poignant and deeply emotional track.

Disc B features nine tracks, with the first eight being instrumental numbers. The nine songs on the project spell out This Volume Is Not Yet Finished I Will Make It With You! Next Year So That We Can Build A Family Business. The titles and subsequent spelling out shows off Ratcliff’s internal longing for dreams and love. Family Busines closes the album out on a rocking note, as Ratcliff proudly reflects on the decisions he’s made that have led to where he is today, with no regrets.

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