Ashley Walls Lives Today, Letting “Someday” Wait

Rooted in both wistfulness and contentment, Ashley Walls pledges to continue living her life to the fullest on her brand new single, Someday. Instead of incessantly pondering and worrying about the future, Walls maturely comes to the conclusion that Someday will be here when it’s supposed to, and until that point Walls steadfastly refuses to let go of her “glory days” while she still has the ability to live them. This fresh and dynamic perspective is refreshing and reassuring to listeners constantly chasing tomorrow in lieu of living today. The track’s lowkey production and Walls’ tender vocals pack a potent punch and hit listeners squarely in the feels throughout this intriguing listen.

Someday is yet another example of Walls’ immense talent and uncanny ability to ascribe words to often untapped emotions. Walls continues to make music that stirs up listeners feelings and leaves them constantly longing for more new music.

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