WoC Songs of the Year (20-1)

Today we conclude our songs of the year countdown with our top 20 songs of the year.

20: Going, Going, Gone, Luke Combs- Kicking off the top 20 with his second entry on our countdown is Luke Combs with Going, Going, Gone. One of the year’s most melodically beautiful tracks, Combs runs through a list of things with a hardened tendency of slipping from our grasp, oftentimes through no fault of our own.

19: Before We Knew Too Much, Lauren Weintraub- An ode to simplicity and naiveté, Lauren Weintraub’s shining moment of the year came with Before We Knew Too Much. The song focuses in on a relationship that has had it’s bubble abruptly busted by the real world, as Weintraub desperately too return to the days Before We Knew Too Much, and finding comfort in the unknown.

18: Wild as Her, Corey Kent- A beautiful song about not taming and reigning love that runs wild, Corey Kent shines bright on Wild as Her. One of the most vocally and lyrically impressive tracks of the year, Wild as Her put Kent squarely on the radar of many who may not have known of him before this viral hit.

17: Feet Wanna Run, ERNEST- Caught somewhere between loving and leaving, ERNEST cannot make up his mind and decide whether his feet or his heart should be doing the talking. With a built in tendency for running, ERNEST tries to quell his feets’ desire throughout this utterly compelling track filled with internal conflict.

16: Everything She Ain’t, Hailey Whitters- Possibly country’s most viral hit of the year, Everything She Ain’t beautifully encompasses what makes Hailey Whitters such a special talent. Whitters’ confident, sassy songwriting, and lowkey delivery come together to craft one of the year’s most irresistible earworms.

15: The Good I’ll Do, Zach Bryan- Look who’s back again:). Zach Bryan scores yet another entry on our countdown with The Good I’ll Do. A masterfully crafted track about futile attempts at rediscovering self-worth in the arms of others, Bryan gave us yet another incredible moment with The Good I’ll Do.

14: WHAT I HAVE, Kelsea Ballerini- An anthem of gratitude and living in the beauty of the moment, Kelsea Ballerini’s WHAT I HAVE is the #14 song on our countdown. Lyrically and melodically beautiful WHAT I HAVE is a much needed reminder for many to focus on what they have as opposed to what they don’t.

13: Where it Ends, Bailey Zimmerman- Sensing love dying, Bailey Zimmerman lets his indignant side shine on Where it Ends. Zimmerman thought he had found the real thing but is instead eternally grateful for finding the hard way all that love should not be, before it got too late.

12: Handle on You, Parker McCollum- One of the year’s finest displays of word play, Handle on You sticks out for it’s unique Texas sound and the sheer heartbreak of it’s lyrics. McCollum’s longing vocals once again steal the show and hook listeners from start to finish.

11: Sun to Me, Zach Bryan- Continuing the theme of longing, Zach Bryan’s penultimate entry on our countdown is one of the year’s best written songs. Sun to Me is a track about not settling for good enough and searching for a love that feels right as opposed to only that which is readily available.

10: Tennessee Orange, Megan Moroney- A tremendously written song about a taboo’d kind of love, Megan Moroney kicks off our top 10 with Tennessee Orange. Moroney tells the world how she’d do the unthinkable for the right man, trading in Georgia red for the dreaded Tennessee Orange, all while secretly still hoping for the Dawgs to win beneath her now orange exterior.

9: Fall in Love, Bailey Zimmerman- Once again showing off a more indignant side, Bailey Zimmerman lands the #9 spot on our countdown with Fall in Love. Zimmerman’s first radio #1 and the first in his long line of many viral hits, Fall in Love served as one of the year’s most impactful and enjoyable listens.

8: The Neon, Hailey Whitters- Feeling the sixth sense of love coming to an end, Whitters preemptively plots her next moves, under the clouds of The Neon. Whitters’ storytelling roots shine the brightest on this underappreciated slow burn of a all too familiar heartbreak.

7: Greener Pasture, Carter Faith- A downtrodden track about the all too familiar heartbreak via cowboy, Carter Faith had her shining moment of the year on Greener Pasture. Faith uses tremendous imagery to vividly detail how she has merely a stop along the road as the love she thought she had headed out west with alacrity leaving only a trail of broken hearts as memories.

6: Heart Like A Truck, Lainey Wilson- Lainey Wilson wonderfully details her resilience and tough minded heart on Heart Like A Truck. With an anthemic and sobering feel, Wilson connects deeply with listeners on this soaring track landing at #6 on our countdown.

5: Wait Up For Me, Brett Eldredge- Kicking off the top 5 is Brett Eldredge’s lovely track Wait Up For Me, This steamy track artfully describes loving and longing as Eldredge filled with love can’t wait to make it home with glimmering that hopes that his girlfriend will wait up for him.

4: Something In The Orange, Zach Bryan- Sticking with the theme of longing, Something In The Orange is possibly the year’s most stunning example of aching for love that has seemingly slipped away. Imbued by conflicting energies of hope and despair, Bryan wistfully wonders what comes next, love or hate, sunrise or sunset.

3: Thought You Should Know, Morgan Wallen- An inside and vulnerable look at a conversation between Wallen and his mother, Thought You Should Know is one of the year’s most impactful and meaningful songs. Wallen speaks of regrets and successes as he thanks his mother for always sticking by him and supporting his wild dream which is now coming true.

2: Hair Salon, Megan Moroney- A masterclass in storytelling, Hair Salon leaves listeners squarely in the depths of their feels. The seemingly witty track takes a heartbreaking turn at the end of the chorus as Moroney overhears that her ex got engaged, and Moroney is now forced to hold back her tears throughout the rest of her hair appointment.

1: Wait in the Truck, Hardy ft. Lainey Wilson- This song is just wow. Another storytelling masterclass with a driving narrative and a fateful finale. Wait in the Truck shines light on domestic violence and vigilantism leaving listeners both thinking and feeling throughout our incredibly compelling song of the year.

3: Though

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