WoC Top 100 Songs of the Year (40-21)

Welcome to the top 40 of our songs of the year countdown!

40: The Kind of Love We Make, Luke Combs- Kicking off the top 40 is Luke Combs’ steamy #1 hit The Kind of Love We Make. Featuring a unique vibe and driving instrumentation The Kind of Love We Make was most definitely one of the year’s catchiest hits.

39: Me on You, Muscadine Bloodline- Speaking of irresistible hooks, Muscadine Bloodline has one of my very favorites on Me on You. From start to close this song just exudes an incredible energy that simply cannot be denied.

38: Gave it Back Broken, Callista Clark- At the height of sadness and vulnerability, Callista Clark shines bright on Gave it Back Broken. Clark gives her ex a “what for” for returning her previously whole smashed to smithereens. Clark’s soulful voice drives this track and leaves listeners squarely in their feelings.

37: Tears the Size of Texas, Ben Burgess- A tale of growing up and attempting to outrun past demons, Ben Burgess’ Tears the Size of Texas is masterfully done. Burgess understands that has left many women in tears over the years, but now ready to settle down Burgess fears he’ll be the one left crying Tears the Size of Texas.

36: Morning in New Orleans, Matt Roy- Seemingly all good things have an end, including feebly attempting to outrun your ex’s memory. Matt Roy learns this lesson the hard way on Morning in New Orleans, where like a tidal wave on the shore, once the sun rises Roy’s heartbreak floods back in and makes the blur of the night before all the more painful.

35: self care., Nicolle Galyon- Divorcing herself from the opinions and expectations of the outside world, Nicolle Galyon steadfastly refuses to make her self care. instead focusing heavily on the self care. needed to grown as a person instead of aiming to meet society’s undue expectations. This sentiment hit home for many and Gaylon’s lyrical genius is on full display throughout.

34: Hideaway, Brett Eldredge- One of the year’s most stunningly beautiful tracks, Hideaway longs for a life filled with simple, natural pleasures. The natural beauty of the lyrics provides listeners with incredible imagery and Eldredge’s soulful voice is to marveled at on this incredible track.

33: Why We Broke Up, Peytan Porter- Selective, drunken amnesia is quite the drug, as Peytan Porter learned the hard on Why We Broke Up. Porter retells the story of running into her ex and beginning to question everything about their break up, only to wake up the next morning with full knowledge that the night before was merely an alcohol soaked mirage and once again imbued with the knowledge that they broke up for a reason.

32: Some Other Bar, ERNEST- Some Other Bar marks yet another entry for ERNEST on our countdown. A story of missed connections and unfinished business, ERNEST hopes to one day reunite and rekindle the spark her found with a stranger in Some Other Bar.

31: Oklahoma Smokeshow, Zach Bryan- Zach Bryan also scores another entry with Oklahoma Smokeshow landing at #31. Bryan puts on a storytelling masterclass throughout this delectable track and produces one of the year’s most intriguing songs.

30: Boys Back Home, Hailey Whitters- Hailey Whitters had an incredible year and Boys Back Home is just one example of why. Whitters’ lowkey delivery of this ode to the small town Boys Back Home is tremendously well done and lands her the #30 spot on our countdown.

29: Rock and a Hard Place, Bailey Zimmerman- Bailey Zimmerman had himself a year, and scores his third entry on our countdown with Rock and A Hard Place. Zimmerman feels love going south and wants to fight to salvage this relationship, all while his girlfriend wants to throw in the towel, leaving Zimmerman stuck between a Rock and A Hard Place. The sadness shines through Zimmerman’s raspy vocal and keeps listeners hooked throughout.

28: The Hill, Thomas Rhett- On the theme of fighting for love, Thomas Rhett is more than willing to do so on The Hill. One of the year’s most beautiful love song, The Hill is an easy but incredibly meaningful listen and shows off much of what makes Rhett a star.

27: What My World Spins Around, Jordan Davis- Jordan Davis earns his second entry on our countdown with What My World Spins Around. Much like The Hill, on What My World Spins Around Davis makes his priorities clear and articulately informs the world he cares about the most.

26: Your Heart or Mine, Jon Pardi- WARNING: This song may cause uncontrollable toe-tapping. With a retro, ballroom feel, Jon Pardi does what he does best on Your Heart or Mine, making music that is both fun and packs a lyrical punch hidden right under the upbeat exterior.

25: THE LITTLE THINGS, Kelsea Ballerini- THE LITTLE THINGS is another ode to a simple kind of love, and Kelsea Ballerini shines bright on THE LITTLE THINGS. Vocally and lyrically THE LITTLE THINGS is superb and the producution is straight up masterful.

24: Fix You Too, Megan Moroney- AND back to the sadness:(. Megan Moroney proved once again why she is one of country’s fastest rising stars with Fix You Too. A tale of maturity and introspection, Moroney learns to focus on herself as opposed to devoting her energy to try to fix yet another guy, as tempting as it may be. Moroney’s tender vocal keeps listeners hanging onto every lyric of this all-too-relatable song.

23: Over Her Over Here, Lauren Weintraub- Featuring a steadfast refusal to be used yet again, Lauren Weintraub forcefully sticks up for herself on Over Her Over Here. Weintraub has learned that letting ex’s back in to her life doesn’t end well, and will not be making the same mistake, telling her ex to get over his new ex anywhere but here, and she’s even kind enough to suggest a few things that may help,

22: Tattoos, Georgia Webster- A bullet dodged and some ink saved, Georgia Webster’s shining moment of the year came with Tattoos. A downtrodden yet relieved Webster is thankful she never got Tattoos with her ex and is glad to be rediscovering herself free from the shadows of this failed relationship. Webster’s songwriting is top-notch and her vocals are simply showstopping.

21: Already Crazy, Carter Faith- Cynical and throwing caution to the wind, Carter Faith reminded us just what makes her such a special talent with Already Crazy. Faith’s lyrical prowess is marvelous and when coupled with her tender vocals, Faith is hard to match, and Already Crazy is just one example of why she is most definitely a star to be.

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