WoC Top 100 Songs of the Year (60-41)

Today we continue our countdown of our top 100 songs of the year with songs 60-41.

60: Whiskey on You, Nate Smith- Kicking off our top 60 is Nate Smith with Whiskey on You. This anthemic, moving on jam features the perfect amount of righteous indignation, and coupled with Smith’s rasp filled voice Whiskey on You is simply irresitable.

59: Happy Instead, Zach Bryan- Yet another Zach Bryan entry! Happy Instead is one of my favorites off of American Heartbreak. Bryan shines as a storyteller throughout this rale of maturity and learning to move on.

58: Runnin’ Out On You, Kameron Marlowe- Not everything is what it seems. Kameron Marlowe masterfully articulates this concept on Runnin’ Out On You, as he details the moments leading up to a seemingly inevitable breakup. Marlowe explains that while he is more than willing to stick and around and fight for a future together, he’ll take the blame for the dissolution of this relationship and she can tell everyone that he ran out on her.

57: Keep the Flowers, Megan Moroney- Megan Moroney is back with her second entry on our countdown with Keep the Flowers. Moroney is over the never ceasing cycle of forgiving and forgetting and decides to tell her now ex exactly where he can shove his flowers and any subsequent peace offerings. Moroney’s vocal is fantastic on Keep the Flowers, providing a perfect ending to Moroney’s debut EP, Pistol Made of Roses.

56: Keeping Me Up All Night, Chayce Beckham- Moving on ain’t easy! Chayce Beckham tells the all-too-relatable tale of feebly attempting to march on only to be unceremoniously haunted by ghosts of lovers past. Beckham shines on this rocking track, which despite it’s heart breaking lyrical nature is an absolute earworm.

55: Critic, Avery Anna- We all have a tendency to be our own worst enemy. Avery Anna however comes to the conclusion that there is one person who is willing to rip her apart more than she already does herself. Anna heartbreakingly tells the story of a guy all too willing to point out her perceived flaws in a futile effort to boost his self-esteem. Anna, however, is no longer willing to accept these disgusting attacks on everything from the color of her hair to clothes she chooses to wear, adding an empowering to a sadly too relateable tale.

54: Say It, Robyn Ottolini- An empowering self-love anthem, Robyn Ottolini’s Say It is clocks in at #54 on our countdown. Left feeling distraught and unworthy by her ex, Ottolini begins to reclaim her identity on Say It, a song about learning to compliment and treat yourself the way you deserve, even if the rest of the world is unwilling to see just how awesome you are.

53: I Got You, Erin Kinsey- It’s about time we put a love song on here:) Erin Kinsey’s I Got You is three minutes of pure sweetness. From Kinsey’s gorgeous vocals, to the song’s vivid imagery, I Got You is everything you can ask for out of a love song, turning cliches on their heads and creating something fresh and unique.

52: Did it With You, ERNEST- A fresh twist on the breakup song, ERNEST’s Did It With You is chock full of nostalgia and a visceral missing you energy. ERNEST’s use of imagery provides ample context to the highlights of a relationship which has since gone south and allows listeners to add their own unique experiences to the well crafted track.

51: How Is She, Cole Swindell- Absolute, sheer heartbreak, How Is She is one of my favorite sad songs of the year. Cole Swindell asks a series of questions about an ex that has moved out to Colorado, and while by the looks of it she has moved on, Swindell is still stuck in the past, mindlessly wondering How Is She.

50: Jealous of Myself, Tenille Arts- At the height of vulnerability and honesty, Tenille Arts continued to cement her spot as one of country’s premier artists with Jealous of Myself. Arts’ beautiful vocals tell this heartbreaking tale masterfully and kicks off our top 50.

49: Happy First, Shelby Darrall- Filled with palpable heartache and featuring the dreaded post-breakup run-in, Shelby Darrall scores the #49 spot on our countdown with Happy First. Darrall’s unadulterated vulnerability is unmistakable and highly refreshing. Darrall’s utter refusal to sugarcoat emotions, good or bad, is one of her top artistic traits and it shines incredibly bright on Happy First.

48: Better Strangers, Karley Scott Collins- Giving off a big “wish we never met” energy, Karley Scott Collins Better Strangers is our #48 song of the year. Collins’ vocal ability is simply out of this world and when coupled with the lyrical genius of Better Strangers, you see why Collins has all the makings of a star to be.

47: Carousel, Miranda Lambert- One of the best storytelling songs of the year, Carousel is the very definition of lyrical genius. Miranda Lambert’s absurd ability to make outlandish seeming tales highly relatable is once again on display on Carousel.

46: Circles Around This Town, Maren Morris- An anthem for songwriters and artists alike, Maren Morris details the struggles of “making it” in Nashville on Circles Around This Town. Morris masterfully outlines all the times so much of this journey felt futile and all the times she thought about throwing in the towel before she earned her big breakthrough.

45: Placeholder, Kaylin Roberson- A heartbreaker through and through, Placeholder is an testament to the power of vulnerability. Roberson’s tender vocal perfectly pairs with the downtrodden lyric and creates an absolutely stunning moment.

44: From the Fall, Bailey Zimmerman- Bailey Zimmerman is back with his second entry on our countdown with From the Fall. A vocal and lyrical masterpiece, Zimmerman’s awe-inducing talent shines through on the intriguing From the Fall.

43: Smokin’ A Doobie, Jon Pardi- One of the year’s most fun songs, Smokin’ A Doobie may seem too silly at first glance, but this song is simply an irresistible listen with some of the most fun wordplay I’ve heard all year.

42: Damn You, Ella Langley- Nothing stunts the process of moving on quite like running into your ex while you may or not be intoxicated. Ella Langley wonderfully tells the far too familiar story on the anthemic Damn You and snatches the #42 spot on our countdown as a result.

41: Get Out Of My House, Brett Eldredge- It’s never easy to put your foot down and say enough is enough, but Brett Eldredge does so forcefully on Get Out of My House. Eldredge feels the spark of love fizzling out and instead of waiting around Eldredge says it’s time to Get Out of My House. Eldredge’s trademarked soulful vocals are on full display throughout his first entry on our countdown.

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