WoC Top 100 Songs of the Year (80-61)

Today we continue our year end countdown with songs 80-61!

80: Breaking News, Kolby Cooper- Coming in at #80 is Kolby Cooper’s Breaking News. A great play on words, this moving on anthem deserves to be blasted at high volumes, turning the tables on the all to awkward post-breakup encounter.

79: If He Wanted To He Would, Kylie Morgan- Featuring a poignant message to her younger self, and women in general, Kylie Morgan steadfastly refuses to settle for less than she feels she deserves on If He Wanted To He Would. Morgan is done chasing and fishing for validation, instead opting to wait and see adequate effort before giving her heart away once more.

78: Heavy Eyes, Zach Bryan- Heavy Eyes marks Zach Bryan’s second appearance on our countdown. The anthemic, coming-of-age tale features a more high octane side of Bryan, which resonates just as deeply as some of his slower, more emotional tracks.

77: LOVE IS A COWBOY, Kelsea Ballerini- Much like a cowboy, love oftentimes runs away at the most inopportune of times. Kelsea Ballerini beautifully explores this concept on the absolutely gorgeous LOVE IS A COWBOY, the tracks ethereal vibe has truly mesmerizing qualities.

76: Somewhere In A Small Town, Conner Smith- An upbeat tale about small town love, Conner Smith shines bright on Somewhere In A Small Town, detailing that despite our differences we are far more alike than we are different. Smith scores his first appearance on our countdown at #76.

75: College Town, Hailey Whitters- Hailey Whitters sure had herself a year! College Town a whimsical, yet relatable track lands Whitters her first entry on our countdown at #75. College Town is a tremendous display of Whitters’ immense songwriting and storytelling talent.

74: Fishin’ On A River, Jake Owen- A whiskey soaked heartbreaker, Fishin’ On A River tells an all too relatable tale of drowning heartbreak in a sea of alcohol. Owen puts a fresh twist on the tale as old as time and leaves listeners with an incredibly intriguing listen.

73: Can’t Nobody, Mackenzie Carpenter- Mackenzie Carpenter finds herself at #73 with her stunningly gorgeous debut single, Can’t Nobody. Carpenter honied vocals and tremendous storytelling ability are on full display throughout a song that rife with great analogies and sheer heartbreak.

72: Thinkin Bout Cheatin, Mae Estes- A sensational piece of songwriting, Mae Estes shines on the ‘controversial’ Thinkin Bout Cheatin. Estes spends the song admitting to her husband that she’s had thoughts of cheating, and while she hasn’t acted on them, she wants him to know that she’s felt the temptation. Thinkin Bout Cheatin is art at it’s finest, forcing listeners to confront uncomfortable thoughts and conversations.

71: getting into, Ashley Cooke- A hot mess express anthem, Ashley Cooke gives listeners and potential suitors full disclosure on getting into. Cooke shines the light on the complex woman beneath the bubbly exterior, and hopes to find a love willing to embrace her supposed flaws and love her for the whole package of who she is.

70: boy crazy., Nicolle Galyon- Expressing a distaste for gendered stereotypes, Nicolle Galyon delivers her message, wholeheartedly on boy crazy. Through her incredible lyricism and delivery, Galyon forges a deep connection with listeners through boy crazy.

69: Started a Band, Ben Burgess- A whimsical tale of turning heartbreak into triumph, Ben Burgess’ Started A Band is a masterclass in storytelling. Burgess tells the story of a girl who cheated on him with the lead singer of his favorite band, and the story comes full circle as the two meet once again in the final chorus.

68: Marlboro Man, Matt Roy- A tale of growing up and reluctantly laying past vices to waste, Marlboro Man is a shining moment for Matt Roy. Roy’s incredible and off-beat storytelling ability gives Marlboro Man a unique feel, keep listeners hooked throughout the rocking track.

67: Sad, Callista Clark- The height of confidence and sass, Callista Clark’s Sad is anything but. Clark’s soulful vocals and willingness to push the envelope lyrically create a song that this simply an irresistible listen.

66: Heavenly, Karley Scott Collins- Featuring her trademark velvety smooth vocal, Karley Scott Collins’ Heavenly lands at #66 on our countdown. Collins shows off exactly why she’s a star to be throughout this riveting, must listen track.

65: Me Myself and Why, Alana Springsteen- Beautifully detailing the all too relatable tale of continual self-inflicted heartbreak, Me Myself and Why is a stunning example of what makes Alana Springsteen such an incredibly special talent. From the songwriting to her voice, Me Myself and Why is just the beginning of Springsteen’s ascent to stardom.

64: Missing You, Lauren Weintraub- Continuing our theme of running into heartbreak, Lauren Weintraub scores her first entry on our countdown at #64 with Missing You. Weintraub’s incredible way with words wows and comforts listeners throughout as she perfectly outlines just how difficult moving on can be.

63: Burnt Orange, Clayton Mullen- It was the year of the color orange and country songs about college football, Clayton Mullen had one of the best in both categories with Burnt Orange. Mullen tells the story of meeting a girl at a football game and letting her slip away, until finally the two are reunited and Mullen now has Burnt Orange by his side.

62: First Stone, Peytan Porter- A critique of our online culture, and just how easy it has become to be incredibly rude to friends and strangers alike, First Stone features one of the year’s most important messages. Peytan Porter longs for a return to niceness, or at least cordiality between neighbors as opposed to the behavior which become way too prevalent these days.

61: Didn’t Even Date, Anna Vaus- Back on the theme of breaking your own heart, Anna Vaus lands at #61 on our countdown with Didn’t Even Date. Vaus tells deeply relatable tale of getting your hopes up only to get your heart broken by someone you didn’t even date. Vaus’ lowkey and honest delivery resonates with listeners and creates one of the year’s best songs.

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