WoC Top 100 Songs of the Year (100-81)

Today we begin our countdown of our 100 favorite songs of the year!

100: Good With Goodbye, John Morgan- Kicking off our countdown at #100 is John Morgan’s, Good With Goodbye. Remarking on the utter difficulty of letting go, and finding a coping mechanism strong enough to ease the pain, Morgan shines throughout the rocking track, hooking listeners with it’s big sound and smart lyrics.

99: Busy, Robyn Ottolini- Three plus minutes of pure, unadulterated sass, lands Robyn Ottolini at #99 with Busy. Turning the tables on her now ex, Ottolini learns to prioritize her own happiness and peace of mind, simply informing him that she’s Busy, much like he was back when they were together.

98: Why’d We Break Up Again, Dylan Marlowe- High energy and deep cutting, Why’d We Break Up Again poses an all too familiar question, almost always arising in the aftermath of running into an ex. Marlowe wonders what exactly doomed their relationship, all while his mind runs through a highlight reel of the couples greatest hits.

97: Back in the Saddle, Ashley Cooke- Sticking with out theme of learning to let go, Ashley Cooke’s Back in the Saddle is a shinning example of what could transpire by embracing the future. Cooke is over feeling downtrodden and for lack of a better term is ready to get Back in the Saddle and leave her broken heart in the past, leaning into the beauty of uncertinity.

96: One of These Days, Sophia Scott- A stunningly beautiful ballad filled with genuine, heartfelt emotion, Sophia Scott’s One of These Days stands out as one of the year’s most beautifully written and delivered tracks. Scott yearns to put her past pains in the rearview and find a forever kind of love One of These Days.

95: The One, Abbey Cone- A full embrace of unbridled vulnerability, Abbey Cone lays her heart on the line on The One. With a theme of it’s either you or it’s no-one, Cone has a deep understanding of just how difficult it would be to lose her one and only true love, so she’s letting him know exactly what he means to her, despite just how scary that may be.

94: Someone’s Love Song, Peytan Porter- Rediscovering her worth in the wake of a breakup, Peytan Porter artfully describes the head over heels love she’s after, no longer willing to settle for less. Porter is over big background music and finds solace in the fact that she is most definitely Someone’s Love Song, even if she hasn’t met him quite yet.

93: Reason For Leaving, Erin Kinsey- The slow and steady shift of love slipping away often times leads to some of life’s most uncomfortable conversations, when both parties realize this relationship is no longer what it was. Erin Kinsey feels this slow but steady seismic shift on her single, Reason For Leaving, however Kinsey is still steadfastly unwilling to be the one that throws in the towel on this relationship, noting that if her boyfriend is looking for a Reason For Leaving chances are he already has one, but the onus remains on him to start one of the world’s most difficult conversations.

92: Prettiest Girl I Don’t Know, Troy Cartwright- A truly beautiful love song, Prettiest Girl I Don’t Know, embraces the unknown of chances encounters with strangers in a bar. Troy Cartwright witfully wonders where this stranger got her beauty from and how much it would bother him if she were to remain the Prettiest Girl He Doesn’t Know.

91: Never Leave, Bailey Zimmerman- Rooted in a steadfast unwillingness to let love slip away, Never Leave marks Bailey Zimmerman’s first entry on our countdown. Zimmerman shines throughout this heartfelt track, filled with emotion and vulnerability, forming a more than potent combination with Zimmerman’s trademark raspy vocals.

90: Heartbreak in Boots, Temecula Road- Ignoring the red flags and falling into love bound to leaves us shattered is a tale as old as time, and one which Temecula Road weaves wonderfully on their single, Heartbreak in Boots. The all too relatable lyric and the beautifully instrumentation combine to make this track sheerly irresistible heartbreak.

89: Strange, Miranda Lambert- Remarking on the at times upside feel of the world we live in, Miranda Lambert shines bright on Strange. The simple concept and lyric couples with the natural sounding instrumentation produce a track that is the polar opposite of Strange.

88: Sucker for Small Towns, ERNEST- ERNEST scores his first entry on our countdown with Sucker for Small Towns. The brilliance of Sucker for Small Towns is rotted in the track’s simplicity, allowing listener to attach their own stories of falling love to ERNEST’s carefully woven tale.

87: Part Of It, Jordan Davis- Remarking on the complexity of life, Jordan Davis’ Part Of It has got to be one of the year’s finest written songs. Davis details on some of life’s seemingly harsh realities and they way that in regardless of anything else, life has a way of working out in the end, well beyond our wildest dreams.

86: Blue, Zach Bryan- It was most definitely the year of Zach Bryan and he notches his first appearance on our countdown with Blue. The low-fi production, unique instrumentation, and stunningly vulnerable lyrics, create a near perfect encapsulation of what sets Zach Bryan apart.

85: I Love Me, Megan Moroney- 3:30 minutes of serotonin rushing into your veins is probably the best description of Megan Moroney’s I Love Me. Unphased and unbothered by the notion of winning the approval of the outside world, Megan Moroney is more than okay if the world continues to hate, while she perfects her impenetrable bubble of self worth and love.

84: what made you think?, Avery Anna- Filled with a healthy dose of righteous indignation and a side of who gave you the right?, Avery Anna tells her ex to leave her alone with what made you think? Anna is past caring about what made her cross his mind and instead would simply like to move on to the next stage of her life, free from constant reminders of the past.

83: Where Did All The Cowboys Go, Abby Anderson- Suddenly in search of a cowboy and unable to locate one, Abby Anderson wonders Where Did All The Cowboys Go. Anderson goes on to describe the type of man she is looking for, awfully pained by the fact that she seemingly cannot find one anywhere. Anderson’s beautiful, tender vocal shines bright on this deep, meaningful track.

82: Wrong Hands, Shelby Darrall- Sometimes what’s wrong for us doesn’t fell so bad! Shelby Darrall wonderfully explains this concept on her song, Wrong Hands. While Darrall knows she may not be in a relationship that stands the test of time, right now the Wrong Hands feel pretty great, and there’s nothing anyone can do to change her mind.

81: X’s, Georgia Webster- One of the year’s most infectious melodies, Georgia Webster’s X’s, is truly a masterpiece of angsty teen energy and clever songwriting. The double meaning of the word X’s is marvelously pulled off, and Webster’s vocal is top notch throughout her first appearance on our countdown.

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