WoC Albums of the Year (4-1)

Today we conclude our countdown of our top 20 albums of the year with our top albums of the year.

4: Flower Shops (The Album), ERNEST- Coming in at number four on our year end countdown is ERNEST’s album, Flower Shops. Rooted in incredible songwriting and organic instrumentation, Flower Shops is truly a must listen. Comfortable When I’m Crazy and Tennessee Queen stick out as personal favorites and show off the wide range of ERNEST’s tremendous artistry and knack for well written songs.

3: Songs About You, Brett Eldredge- Possibly the year’s most underappreciated album of the year, Brett Eldredge’s Songs About You clocks in at number three on our end of year countdown. A perfect blend of soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Eldredge shines throughout in album that has slid under the radar throughout the year. Wait Up For Me is a top five song of the year for me and this album as a whole is rife with depth and intriguing melodies and lyrics.

2: American Heartbreak, Zach Bryan- There aren’t many words that do this tremendous album the justice it deserves, so let’s start with WOWWWW. Zach Bryan delivers a true masterpiece with American Heartbreak showing off why he is one of music’s premier narrators and lyricists. Bryan shines bright throughout an album filled with many great moments. Personal favorites include Sun to Me and Tishomingo but it’s kind of hard to go wrong with any of the songs on this project.

1: Raised, Hailey Whitters- At the pinnacle of tremendous storytelling filled with at times hilarious wordplay, Hailey Whitters’ Raised is our album of the year. Whitters homey and honest delivery is on display throughout a project that keeps listeners engaged from top to bottom. The uber confident viral hit Everything She Ain’t has garnered much praise over the past few months, but it’s the unmasked sadness of The Neon that stands out as the album’s most stunning moment. We truly cannot wait to hear how Whitters follows up this masterpiece of a sophomore album.

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