WoC Class of ’23 (Part 3)

Today we introduce you to the final 9 artists comprising the WoC Class of ’23.

Madison Kozak- Bringing together heartfelt lyrics with an unmatched vocal prowess, Madison Kozak has all the makings of a star to be. Kozak released four singles over the course of the year, each poignant and highly relatable, showing while each showed off the various sides of Kozak’s artistic depth and tremendous ability to turn a phrase.

Madeline Consoer- The third Madeline to make our list! Possessing incredible vocal and lyrical talent, Madeline Consoer saw her star begin to rise towards the end of this year. Consoer’s latest single, Little Miss, is the perfect blend of fun and sass, held together with real life underpinnings. Consoer is set to release her debut EP Little Miss, this Friday and we can’t wait to see and hear all that she has is store for us.

Jordana Bryant- This teenage starlet saw her star absolutely explode this year. Building up an organic and extremally enthusiastic fanbase on social media, each of Jordana Bryant’s releases this year beautifully showcase what makes her a rapidly rising star and why there is a tremendous buzz surrounding her throughout the industry. Bryant racked up millions of streams throughout the year and signed a record deal with Riser House Entertainment, marking just a couple highlights of a year that saw Bryant gain just a sliver of the notoriety she already deserves.

Renee Blair- While she only released two songs this year, Renee Blair continues to show off her incredible talent as both an artist and writer. Blair’s only release this year, SPF Me, is a fun track showcasing Blair’s ability to let loose and not take herself too seriously. As a writer, Blair help pen one of if not the top song of the year, Wait in the Truck, which shows off a more serious and far darker side to Blair’s tremendously well-rounded creativity.

Morgan Johnston- Filled with a brutal form of honesty and a refreshing side of fun, Morgan Johnston’s debut EP, There’s No Going Back, encapsulates an artist on the rise. Johnston’s honesty and authenticity throughout the project is a more than welcome sight, hooking listeners with her “every girl” delivery, and smart, cunning lyricism, Johnston shines bright throughout the project and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Mae Estes- Merging traditional country roots with a rocking swag, Mae Estes used this year to show why she’s an artist more than worth of keeping an eye on. Estes released four tracks over the course of the year, each showing off a different flavor of Estes’ diverse artistry. Thinkin Bout Cheatin and Die in A Bar are my favorite two of Estes’ new releases, both, in their own way, perfectly depicting why the game-changing talent Estes possesses.

Hunter Rae- Through unmatched vulnerability and a willingness to boldly push boundaries, Hunter Rae stormed onto the scene this year. Rae released her first four singles, each rooted in a deep unashamed honesty and encapsulating Rae’s penchant for pushing the envelope both lyrically and sonically. Rae’s latest single, Make Her Me, is one of the year’s most underappreciated tracks, as Rae, confidently and filled with righteous indignation, pushes back against the notion that she is easily replaceable, leaving her ex with a warning that despite his best he’ll never be able to make his new girl Rae. We absolutely cannot wait to see what the new year has in store for Rae!

Anna Vaus- With otherworldly storytelling ability, and a unique, unmistakable musical style, Anna Vaus has consistently shown why she is a force to be reckoned with. Vaus’ EP, Younger Version of Myself, is a wide ranging, all encompassing project showing off so much of what makes Vaus an artist on the rise.

Abbey Cone- Last but certainly not least, Abbey Cone closes out the WoC Class of ’23. Bringing a fresh, modern, pop-country sound to the forefront, Cone shines through with honest and relatable lyrics, and a voice that’ll stop listeners in their tracks. Cone released her debut EP, Hate Me, this year. The project runs through the good, the bad, and the ugly of heartbreak, as Cone wows listeners both vocally and lyrically, putting her squarely on our radar.

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