Woc Class of ’23 (Part 2)

Today we introduce you to the next eight artists who comprise the WoC Class of ’23.

Ben Burgess- Earning his flowers as a writer for years, this was the year Ben Burgess stepped into the spotlight as an artist. With the release of his debut album, Tears the Size of Texas, Burgess showcased the innate talent and ability to connect that his made him a marquee writer for years. We can’t wait for more of Burgess the artist in the year to come!

Catie Offerman- Catie Offerman is yet another artist who burst onto our radar over the course the past year. With a fun and folksy way of storytelling, Offerman beautifully blends traditional country elements with a modern twist. Offerman’s latest single, Get A Dog, is a tremendous example of Offerman’s masterfully offbeat musical ethos that helps her cut through the noise a carve out her own unique path within the industry.

Madeline Merlo- Madeline Merlo’s artistic genius is evident throughout her debut EP, Slide. Merlo hooks listeners with incisive, witty lyricism and her gorgeous honeyed vocals. Merlo shows off the dynamic nature of her artistry and personality on the four track project, fill with both heavy emotions and a whole lot of fun.

Madeline Edwards- Another Madeline capping off an incredible year is Madeline Edwards. Fresh off the release of her fantastic debut album, Crashlanded, Edwards has quickly gained notoriety within Nashville and well beyond. Edwards’ trademark big vocals and narrative honesty our obvious from first listen, leaving listeners anxiously awaiting more from the budding starlet rising at a supersonic pace.

Parker Graye- The president of Saddies for the Baddies (trademark pending haha), took a monumental leap forward this year. Graye’s latest release, Good at Gettin’ Gone, is dripping with all the trappings of delectable heartbreak, as Graye wonders, wistful, why the only thing her ex seems good at his leaving, even discarding the very use of the word goodbye. Graye’s genuine vulnerability is simply unmatched, and serves as a big reason as to why her music resonates with listeners deep beyond the surface level.

Vincent Mason- One of the best pure storytellers on the scene today, Vincent Mason is seemingly poised for a breakout in the year ahead. Mason’s excellent songwriting chops are best illustrated by his single, The Breakdown, which recounts a third person tale of a man afraid of love and commitment, washing his fears and sorrows away with the help of a bottle. Mason’s narration is superb leaving listeners hanging onto each of the song’s twists and turns.

Jackson Dean- Bringing a rocking edge to country music and fresh off his first radio #1, Jackson Dean is here to stay. Dean’s debut single, Don’t Come Lookin’, which topped the country charts a few weeks, showcases the momentum and enthusiasm behind an artist bringing his own fresh flare to a genre and format that at times can feel monotonous. We simply cannot wait for more new music for Dean in the year ahead.

Kaylin Roberson- Boasting a musical style chock full of authenticity and all-too-relatable emotion, the past year was a big one for Kaylin Roberson. From her time on American Idol, to penning her first Publishing Deal, and of course releasing new music, Roberson continues to prove that she is the full package and definitely an artist worth keeping an eye on. Roberson’s latest single, Placeholder, may just find it’s way on to our top 50 songs of the year countdown (shhhhhh).

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