WoC Top 20 Country Albums of the Year (20-15)

Today we begin counting down our top 10 albums of the year with albums 20-15!

20: Real To Me: The Way I Feel, Callista Clark- Kicking off our countdown with an absolute bang, is Callista Clark’s, Real To Me: The Way I Feel. Clark’s vocal and songwriting prowess are both on display throughout her brilliant debut album, clocking in at number 20 on our year end countdown. Clark molds her trademark, soulful voice with a youthful exuberance, crafting a combination that is hard to top. Clark’s album is full of genuine and relatable emotions, allowing her project to resonate deeply with listeners.

19: Cross Country, Breland- A masterclass in genre-bending, Breland’s debut album, Cross Country masterfully pushes the boundaries of archaic genre lines in a way that is full of fun and deep-felt emotions. Breland’s shines on vulnerable tracks For What It’s Worth and Good For You, while letting loose on songs like the up-tempo, Throw It Back. Breland’s willingness to incorporate artists and influences from throughout the genre spectrum is deeply refreshing and offers a clear path forward for country music’s growth.

18: Barstool Whiskey Wonderland, Adam Doleac- Dripped in sadness with hints of less than subtle exuberance, Adam Doleac tells stories of love and loss throughout Barstool Whiskey Wonderland. Doleac shines brightest on standout track, Girl in Love, and Fake Love a duet featuring Danielle Bradbery. Doleac’s lowkey, yet full-throated delivery is on full display throughout the project checking in at number 18 on our year end countdown.

17: Growin’ Up, Luke Combs Once again showing off Combs’ incredible raspy vocals, Growin’ Up is a great encapsulation of what makes Combs one of the genre’s premier stars. Growin’ Up reaches high heights with songs like The Kind of Love We Make, and current single Going, Going, Gone, however too much of this album feels like filler and fails to connect in the same way Combs’ prior two albums did.

16: Boy From Anderson County To The Moon, Kolby Cooper- Encapsulating the current rocking energy emanating from the Texas scene, Boy From Anderson County To The Moon, offers an incredibly intriguing look and at all Kolby Cooper has to offer artistically. Cooper’s unique form of storytelling comes to the forefront right from the outset with Are We On Fire, offering a fresh perspective on the all-too familiar feeling of love slipping away. Vocally, Cooper is top notch throughout the project, keeping listeners hooked from opening note to final salvo.

15: Born In July (The Album), Taylor Edwards- Boasting a fresh pop-country sound and Edward’s cutting edge, unapologetic vulnerability, Born In July (The Album), brings listeners into Edwards’ world and allows listeners a firsthand look at what makes Edwards such a special artist. Call Your Sister and Monday best display the project’s unadulterated realness. Edwards wonderfully explores sonically throughout the project keeping the vibe ever changing and constantly engaging. Edwards’ shines in all facets and leaves listeners anxiously awaiting more.

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