WoC Class of ’23 (Part 1)

With the year drawing to a close, the time has come to introduce you to some of the artists we’ll be watching as the calendar flips into the new year. This is part one part one of a three part series that will tell you all about our 25 for ‘23.

Shelby Darrall- Blending intense vulnerability with an unapologetic confidence, Shelby Darrall has flown onto the scene this year. Darrall released her debut EP, Entertainment for the Brokenhearted, in April, the project shows off the multi-faceted and unique artistry of Darrall. Darrall followed that up with the release of a new single, Brady, just a few weeks ago. Brady is three and half of minutes of delectable righteous indignation as Darrall lays into her ex for being the compulsive, manipulative he is. Darrall’s refusal to color within the lines leaves us more than intrigued to see what next year has in store for her.

Karley Scott Collins- Boasting one of the industry’s most unique sounds and recognizable voices, Karley Scott Collins has all the makings of a star on the rise. Collins hadn’t released music prior to this year, where she blesses us with three tremendous singles. Collins’ latest release, Better Strangers, is emblematic of Collins’ country-rock, kinda grunge style, that separates her from her peers, and of course she can write with the best of them as well.

Matt Roy- When it comes to unique artistry, Matt Roy is most definitely up there. Roy’s latest single, Marlboro Man, dives deep into concepts of nostalgia and growing up, as Roy boldly delivers the rocking track. The New Jersey native who first made waves as a songwriter is now creating tidal waves as an artist, with Marlboro Man eclipsing 500K streams in mere weeks. Earlier in the year Roy released his debut EP, Wildflower, and the track Morning in New Orleans is bound to find it’s way on to out top 50 songs of the year countdown.

Mackenzie Carpenter- Earning her flowers as both an artist and writer throughout the year, Mackenzie Carpenter seems destined to take the next step towards stardom in the year ahead. Carpenter’s first two singles, Can’t Nobody and Hunting Season show off her artistic diversity and willingness to push boundaries. Carpenter’s vocal ability is top-notch and the perfect compliment to the tightly woven songs she crafts. Carpenter’s shines bright on both the vulnerable Can’t Nobody and the carefree, downright hilarious Hunting Season, leaving us waiting for what she coming in the year ahead.

Troy Cartwright- Now an independent artist, Troy Cartwright has released some of his very best music over the past couple of years, culminating in his EP, Just Kids. Cartwright’s music is refreshingly honest and beautiful in it’s simplicity. Cartwright relates to listeners using shared and relatable stories of love, heartbreak, and the in-between. Cartwright has been on our radar for a while now but next year seems bound to be a big one for him.

Emily Brooke- Another artist who has been making more than just waves over the past couple of years is Emily Brooke. Possessing an unwavering drive for authenticity, Brooke continues to shine bright as both a storyteller and a vocalist. Brooke’s vocal ability only is enough to get listeners hooked, but once you couple in her penchant for incisive and honest songwriting, you see why Brooke has been able to build up her fanbase rapidly, organically, and independantly.

Sophia Scott- With an innate ability to mold moody and rowdy, Sophia Scott is truly a musical unicorn. Scott’s debut EP, One of These Days, perfectly encapsulates the dynamic nature of Scott’s artistry, chock full of tear-jerkers and beer-raisers. Scott is yet another artist who is always willing to push boundaries whether intentional or not, in search of art that is authentic and natural, instead of reduced into a box too small to contain it’s ever evolving contents.

Halle Kearns- Bold honesty and relatability are the first words that come to mind when you think of Halle Kearns. Exuding a vulnerable confidence, forged through triumph and defeat, Kearns masterfully crafts tales from her personal experience that are often far too relatable to those of listeners. Kearns’ vulnerability was at the forefront of her sophomore EP, Every Girl, and her brand new single, Moment, a song embracing living in the here and now, and worrying about tomorrow when it comes, instead of allowing it to steal today’s joy. Kearns continues to impress and we can’t wait to see what she has coming next!

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