Maura Streppa Takes Aim at Societal Expectations on New Single, “Skinnier”

Rearing back and taking aim at society’s unrealistic and troublingly unhealthy standards for beauty, Maura Streppa shines bright throughout her brand new single, Skinnier. Streppa displays a tremendous amount of strength and vulnerability as she shares her personal body image struggles with listeners. Streppa recalls feeling almost cast aside, and branded the “funny friend” as society felt that’s all she had to offer. Streppa longed to be Skinnier, in order to curry favor from society and assuage her own personal feelings of unworthiness. Streppa internalized these ridiculous standard throughout a single that is both heartbreaking and empowering, as Streppa hopes others find comfort in her struggle.

The piano heavy track is the perfect backdrop for Streppa to share this emotional journey to self love and acceptance, allowing her tender vocal and the true power of the lyrics to take center stage and deliver the message in a way that is unmistakable. Skinnier takes listeners an all-too-relatable journey, allowing Streppa’s wholeheartedly brave storytelling to resonate deeply.

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