Adam Warner Remembers Grandfather on New Single, “Split a Beer”

Stooped in loss and longing, Adam Warner’s new single, Split a Beer take listeners on a tripped filled with emotion as Warner remembers his grandfather and wishes he could Split a Beer with him even just one more time. Warner poured his heart and soul into the song which doubles as both highly personal and all too relatable, showcasing the true power to connect hidden within music. Split a Beer resonates with listeners beyond the surface level, and the tear-jerker has quickly taken off, providing listeners with the comfort that they’re not alone in the struggles and pain.

Warner boasts one of music’s most unique journeys. Warner, a former Marine and self-proclaimed “bad influence,” has molded a country-rock blend that is distinct and intriguing, drawing listeners in with both it’s bravado and emotional backdrop. Warner cites Lee Brice and Jamey Johnson as two of the artist that have helped shape him both artistically and personally. Warner embraces all that life has to offer, encouraging others “to do what they love and love what they do,” while noting “there’s no restart button.” Warner’s philosophy on life shines through his music, looking at life through a lens of it’s now or never, embracing risk in a way few other artists do.

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