Wyatt Edmondson Finds Life Outside of “Dead End Town”

Harmonica driven and catchy as could be, Wyatt Edmondson’s new single, Dead End Town, is stooped in unabashed honesty, gripping listeners from the first note and leaving them hooked through the final salvo. Edmondson reminisces on leaving his life back home behind and heading to Nashville to chase this lofty, daunting dream of becoming an artist thousands of miles away from home. Edmondson allows vulnerability to seep throughout the track, recalling feeling trapped in an near endless cycle prior to moving out to Nashville. Edmondson’s ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level is on full display throughout a track that can easily be related to the personal journey of many.

Edmondson, an Alabama native, draws inspiration from throughout the genre spectrum, citing everyone from Jimmy Page, to Dave Matthews, to Bob Marley as formative influences on the artist he is as well as the artist he hopes to become as he continues to hone in on what makes him unique. Edmondson’s love for well crafted songs drives him to continue his artistic growth, and helps him forge meaningful connections with casual listeners and avid fans alike.Edmondson has plans to release new music in the year ahead, including his debut album!

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