Andrew Salgado Talks New Single, “Learning How To Forget”

Andrew Salgado has always been surrounded by music one way or another. From playing in his father’s band to taking the leap and pursuing music on his own, Salgado ha lived a life filled with music from a young age. Salgado’s new single, Learning How To Forget, leans into the heartbreak Salgado felt after a broken engagement, crafting a track that is all too relatable for many.

Recently we had the chance to chat with Salgado about his journey, new single, and more!

Worlds of Country: When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue?

Andrew: It actually took me some time. I had been in my dad’s band since I was 13 but I didn’t think music was a career until I was around 22-23 years old and even then, I was still on the fence when it came to me really pursuing it. In 2014 I really knew I needed to push myself into it.

Worlds of Country:  Once you knew, what was your first step towards making this dream a reality?

 Andrew:Just doing it. No one knows what will work, you just keep moving forward with every step. So, it might be social media, it might be songwriting, it might be a contest etc. Just do something that you feel is the right step.

Worlds of Country: How would you describe your musical style for people that may have never heard you before? 

Andrew:Three chords and the truth with a little rock, a little blues, and a little pop.

Worlds of Country:  Who would you say most influenced this style?

Andrew:So many artists! Almost anyone I listened to or even listen to now too inspires me in some way. I truly love listening to music and writing from my heart.

Worlds of Country: What’s the story behind your new single, Learning How to Forget?

Andrew:“Learning How To Forget” was written after I was going through a broken engagement in 2019. I found myself not knowing how to move on  or find myself again. So, the song helped me realize how to forget someone and move on.

Worlds of Country:What was the process of filming the music video like?

Andrew: The process was very unique. We did everything different and we kept it as real as possible. I never hired anyone for hair or make-up; we just shot it in one day. The director and myself wanted to make the video as real as possible since the song was so raw.

Worlds of Country: What’s next for you?

Andrew: Working on touring in 2023 and I’m already planning and working on the next album. But I’m not sure when it will be released and recorded.

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