Paige Rutledge Learns to Embrace Uniqueness on New Single, “Ain’t That Bad”

From receiving her first karaoke machine and dreaming of being a Disney princess, singing and entertaining has always been almost second nature to Paige Rutledge. From a young age Rutledge would sing for her sick Grandfather, and when he unfortunately passed away, Rutledge realized the incredible power music has to connect people from all throughout the world.

Spreading positivity and “good vibes” through her music is incredibly important to Rutledge who “wakes up every morning with a smile” which leads to her upbeat “fun, pop-country sound.” Rutledge cites Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini as formative influences, as she carves out a sound that “uniquely Paige Rutledge.”

Rutledge’s unmistakable authenticity shines through each and everyone one of her songs; however confidence and learning to “stay true” to herself was not something that always came easily to Rutledge. Rutledge has learned that “if you’re trying to do what everybody else is expecting of you, then you’re not really going to be happy and I think you have to find that blend what makes you happy”, Rutledge notes this is “especially important as a woman in a very male dominant industry,” where veering from the cookie-cutter sound and image is often frowned upon, but Rutledge has been able to overcome the unfair expectations, and embrace who she is as an artist wholeheartedly.

Rutledge’s new single, Ain’t That Bad, has all the makings of a moving on anthem. In the wake of a breakup, Rutledge realizes she’s not hurting quite as badly as she thought she would, and she’s even beginning to regain some of her confidence. The light of the tunnel is awfully relatable and a refreshing change of pace from the litany of downtrodden heartbreak anthems out there today.

Up next, Rutledge hopes to have more music coming out really soon, and she plans “to start working on an EP,” in the next few weeks, with hopes to release next year!

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