Nathan Wilson Talks Confidence, New Single, “Meant For You”

Few moments compare to hearing your song sung back to you for the first time. For Nathan Wilson that was the moment he knew he had to treat music as “more than a dream.” Imbued with musical aspirations from a young age, it wasn’t until this cathartic moment that Wilson realized he may just have a shot at this thing, “pushing him over the edge” in full pursuit of his dreams. Wilson tells WoC that he wasn’t “confident” in his voice growing up and the process of growing both as a human and an artist has helped him grow his confidence leaps and bounds as he tries to stick amongst Nashville’s ever growing musical community.

Wilson’s confidence and growth are both on full display throughout his latest single, Meant For You. Meant For You is a departure from Wilson’s prior releases as he embraces a more love centric theme, allowing vulnerability to seep into the lyrics and molding a deep connection with listeners. Wilson penned Meant For You on a back porch while on a writer’s retreat in West Virginia. Wilson recalls that at the time he “was talking to a girl and I started thinking what’s the point of me without you.” From there Wilson was off to the races staying up late to finish off the chorus. The next morning Wilson put the song on Tiktok where it was met with immediate demand, giving Wilson all the confidence he needed to put this song out into the world.

Stylistically, Wilson descries himself as a blend of Morgan Wallen, Ronnie Dunn, and Tyler Childers. Pulling from a wide range of the country spectrum has allowed Wilson to carve out his own unique lane within the industry. Wilson hopes to “release more music soon.”

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