Jillian Steele Shines Bright on New Single, “Lucky Ones”

Laced with gorgeous vocals and a deeply infectious melody, Jillian Steele’s new single, Lucky Ones, is the perfect blend of country and pop. The deep and beautifully romantic track shines light on the almost coincidental feeling moment when you realize that you may just be the Lucky Ones. Not use to love feeling quite this easy, Steele is caught between living in the moment and day dreaming of a future forever that’s already begun. Steele’s honied vocals are the true showstopper of this song, leaving listeners in awe even before the full punch of the sweet lyrics is able to take hold. The combination of Steele’s vocals and the sugary-sweetness of the lyrics is more than enough make Lucky Ones an earworm of the best variety.

Steele continues her run of incredible releases with Lucky Ones, each one showing off another side of Steele as an artist. Steele has prove that is she is an extremally talented and well rounded artist with Lucky Ones being just the latest example of the complexity that makes her such a special and intriguing artist to watch.

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