Kristen Kelly Catches Fire With New Single, “Smoke”

Stooped in a heavy rock influence, Kristen Kelly’s new single, Smoke, masterfully blends a multitude of genres and leaves listeners hooked on every lyric of the soulful, retro feeling track. Kelly likens her newfound fling, to an addiction or habit, one she simply cannot muster up the strength to kick. Kelly instead allows the addiction to take hold despite her best interests and intentions, Kelly just can’t break free from the “mirrors and smoke” of the all consuming faux love she finds herself trapped in. Kelly’s voice merges rock with a tinge of soulful-country which beautifully accompanies the timeless, 70’s aesthetic crafted by both the lyrics and the track.

Kelly, one of CMT’s Next Women of Country, continues to burn bright and Smoke is a tremendous example of the creativity that sets Kelly apart from so many other artists. A penchant for authentic storytelling and a voice to match the gravity of the stories she weaves, Kelly continues to bring her uniqueness to the forefront, and remains steadfastly, unapologetically herself, allowing her to truly resonate with listeners.

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