Carter Faith Revels in Cynicism on New Single, “Already Crazy”

Rooted in a heavy coat of self-deprecating cynicism and filled to the brim with a sly confidence, Carter Faith’s new single, Already Crazy, has all the makings of a hit to be. From the honest and relatable lyrics, to Faith’s gorgeous vocals, Already Crazy is just another in the long line of incredible releases that have jump started Faith’s rocket ship of a career.

Already Crazy captures the feeling of a young women hardened by love’s misgivings, who has resorted to viewing all future endeavors through a skeptical lens, while also encompassing the freedom that comes with a “you can’t hurt me I’m already scarred” attitude. The lowkey production style mixed with Faith’s dreamy, yet incredibly powerful vocals, is the perfect match to drive home the song’s introspective message.

Already Crazy may just be Faith’s best release to date, which is incredible given the amount of high quality releases the young songstress has to date. Already Crazy takes on the tone of a lowkey, self-aware, caution to the wind, anthem, and Faith is the perfect vehicle to usher this supremely well crafted track into the world.

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