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Christian Parker Leans Into Down Home Roots On Debut Album. “Debutante”


Featuring exquisite songwriting and showcasing Christian Parker’s unique artistry, Debutante is the perfect introduction to who Parker is as both an artist and human. Parker shines as a storyteller and vocalist throughout the project, one that is sure to resonate with many listeners. Parker artfully paints pictures throughout the album leaving listeners with clear and lasting images of each of the album’s 10 tracks.

Parker’s genre bending style is on full display throughout the project. Parker leans heavily on influences from country, rock, and more. Parker crafts an almost country-soul dynamic throughout Debutante leaning on his soulful voice and penchant for deep and relatable songwriting, crafting a sense of honesty and authenticity to each and every track on the project.

The title track and project opener sets the tone for the uniqueness and sheer differentness that this project provides. Songs like I’ve Been and Alive, Homerun, and Dirt Road DNA show off Parker’s country roots present throughout the the next section of the album. Songs like How To Heal A Broken Heart and Chasin Headlights stick out as personal favorites and provide some of the best songwriting moments on the project.

On the whole Debutante is a project full of life and a unique energy, hard to mistake for anything else. Debutante offers a clear scoped lens of Parker’s artistry and shows him off as a multi-faceted and dynamic artist. Debutante is certainly just the big for Parker, an artist destined for a big career in the music industry.

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