Jon Wayne Hatfield Keeps Summer Alive With New Single “Good For Nothin'”

Summer is simply a mindset!! Jon Wayne Hatfield’s new single, Good For Nothin,’ is a feel good track dripping with a lowkey nostalgia and hearkens listeners back to the days of easy living, and mindless bliss. Hatfield’s use of imagery provides listeners with a clear picture of Hatfield’s laissez-faire towards life, as he encourages them to join in him in carefree bliss. Vocally, Hatfield lets the song’s fun nature take center stage and you can feel his fun within the playful lyrics. Hatfield’s energy is downright infectious and leaves listeners with more than a little grin.

Good For Nothin’ marks the next big step for the Ohio native who has made waves throughout the industry in recent months. Hatfield, a storyteller at heart, has grown a rabid organic fanbase, through his extremally relatable personality, Hatfield now boasts north of 295K followers on Tiktok. Hatfield is an artist primed for even bigger things throughout the rest of this year and for years to come.

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