Carvin Walls Get Vulnerable On New Single, “Lucky Enough”

Pain is one if not the world’s most common and relatable emotions. Husband/Wife duo Carvin Walls examine the incomparable pain of losing a loved one on their new single, Lucky Enough. Filled with genuine and raw emotions that come pouring through every last lyric, Lucky Enough is a special track that walks the line between personal and relatable, offering comfort and hope to anyone who is grieving. Lucky Enough‘s message has been well received as the deeply personal track went viral on Tiktok prior to it’s release, with listeners pleas of release answered on Friday.

When speaking of the new single, Carvin Walls admits to being blown away by the way this song has reached so many, stating “We are truly blown away and humbled by the response to ‘Lucky Enough,’ a song that comes from such a raw and real place after losing Kelly’s sister. Losing a loved one is the hardest thing to go through and we hope that this song continues to help more people heal even just a little bit.” Carvin Walls penchant for relatable lyricism is on full display throughout the new single giving listeners the opportunity to attach their own stories of loss to the one artfully crafted by Carvin Walls, and the song’s virality is a testament to the power of a meaningful lyric.

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