Parker Howard Covers ‘Your Shirt’

Showcasing her immense vocal talent, rising Country artist and Texas native put her own spin on the pop hit, Your Shirt. Howard leans into her tender vocals and produces a version of the track sure to resonate with many across the genre spectrum. Howard states “that the song helped her through a dark time and she hopes that her cover of the song will do the same for her fans. ” Howard’s version is unique and offers an extra layer of emotion to top off the original’s already weighty feeling. Howard’s ability to make the song her own also adds a layer of authenticity to the track.

Howard discovered her incredible love for music at a young age, and recalls using the art as a way to express herself, where words may’ve failed, Howard found the music does the trick, and hopes her music allows others to express themselves as well. Howard has plans for more new music in the not so distant future.

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