Trey Duncan Drops Video for New Single, ‘Hotter Than Sin’

Forging a “country rock n’ soul” sound Trey Duncan’s fire filled artistry is on full display throughout his new single, Hotter Than Sin, as well as it’s accompanying music video. Shot by Emma Petty, the video is emblematic of Duncan’s personality and artistry, showing off Duncan’s fire and vision throughout. The steamy track focuses in on Duncan as a man who despite his best efforts to do so, simply cannot turn down this woman. Although he knows it may be wrong, Duncan can’t resist. Duncan’s inner conflict throughout the song and video resonates with listeners fighting their own temptations, unable to work up the gumption to resist.

With musical influences ranging from Def Leppard to Tim McGraw, it’s little wonder how Trey Duncan has been able to carve out his own lane in this ever-populated industry. A South Carolina native, Duncan’s roots are showcased throughout his music, from his unique, one of a kind style, to his lyricism, Duncan provides listeners with an authenticity that’ll smack them square in the face. Duncan’s soulful voice is enough to hook listeners on it’s own but once paired with Duncan’s thoughtful lyrics, the pair becomes one that is hard to match.

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