6-Pack of Songs (September 14th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we count down and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Story to Tell, Maggie Baugh- Maggie Baugh has quite a Story to Tell and does so in marvelous fashion on her brand new single. Baugh embraces a YOLO, embrace life mindset as she longs to live her life to the fullest, collecting memories to tell over later in life. Baugh’s masterful delivery and the wanderlustful lyric combine to produce a sound that is fresh and chock full of honesty.

5: Tears Into Diamonds, Leah Marie Mason- Sick and tired of her ex’s feeble attempts to work things out, Leah Marie Mason clearly outlines what it would take for the couple to reconcile and patch things up. While Mason refuses to say never, she makes into abundantly that it would take events of earth shattering magnitude, such as tears becoming diamonds to make this happen. Mason’s delivery is spot on, as she leans fully into the emotion filled, vulnerable track.

4: Skip This Part, Alexandra Kay- Alexandra Kay has seen this movie before, the one where heartbreak lingers and scenes of despair continue to echo throughout a mind longing for a better ending to a book seemingly already closed. Kay wants to skip the heartbreak and the back and forth of imagining a future together, and cut to the part where the feelings are long gone and she can move on with her life, finding something better. Kay’s vocal is powerful and tender, adding a dynamic to the intensely relatable track.

3: What Does Sorry Mean, Madison Kozak- Madison Kozak continues to make her mark as one of country music’s premiere vocalists, Kozak’s big and belty, yet vulnerable vocals are on full display throughout her brand new single What Does Sorry Mean. What makes Kozak such a special artist is her ability to combine her immense vocal talent with lyrics that cut deep, and resonate with listeners beyond the surface level. What Does Sorry Mean is a tremendous example of this, as Kozak attempts to unpack her ex’s intentions behind the word ‘sorry’, whether genuine or used as a way to manipulate Kozak into getting back together, regardless Kozak is done with the games and ready to move on.

2: What Made You Think, Avery Anna- Speaking of incredible vocalists with a penchant for deep and relatable lyrics, Avery Anna continues her meteoric rise with her brand new single, What Made You Think. Anna leans into a feeling of righteous indignation throughout the powerful track about cutting ties with an ex. Anna’s ex continues to reach out and tell her all of the things that made him think of her, meanwhile Anna is far beyond caring and is looking to move on without the drama of an ex that continues his feeble attempts to crawl back into her mind.

1: Burn Burn Burn, Zach Bryan- What else is there to say about Zach Bryan at this point, Bryan’s 44th release of the year is a simply fantastic look at life, as Bryan longs for a beautiful simplicity. Lyrically Bryan is on point as always, proving once again that he is simply a cut above his peers, with his usage of lyrics that just hit listeners a little different. Bryan’s down to earth, everyman delivery is also on full display throughout this incredibly well written and delivered new track.

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