Donice Morace Carves Out Timeless Sound with New Single ‘One Drink In’

There’s nothing quite like the early butterflies of new found infatuation, Donice Morace masterfully explores the incredibly real and relatable feeling on his brand new single, One Drink In. Drawing influences from traditional country legends like George Strait and Keith Whitley and a modern kick from the likes of Cody Johnson and Randall King, Morace carves out a sound that is both timeless and contemporary, walking the line exceptionally well.

Recently we had the chance to chat with Morace about his musical journey, style, new single, and more!

Worlds of Country: When did you know that music was something you wanted to pursue?

Donice: I knew as a kid watching local artists like Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Byrd and Clay Walker make it. They made it seem attainable to me to do something I really loved…more than just a hobby.

Worlds of Country: Once you knew, what was your first big step towards making this dream a reality?

Donice: I’d have to say the biggest step I made was taking the advice from Cody Johnson and reaching out to his producer, Trent Willmon. I timidly refinanced my home, and took the money to finance my first real project with Trent. It gave me something to finally present to radio. 

Worlds of Country: How would you describe your style of music?

Donice:I’m a huge 90’s country music fan, and I think that probably bleeds into my own music and style. I came up through the honky tonks, so playing music people can dance to has always been a priority for me. I’ve been called a Neo-Traditionalist, and I’m just fine with that.

Worlds of Country: Who most influenced your style of music?

Donice: Boy, there’s a ton of people that influenced my style. Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Byrd, Goerge Strait and Keith Whitley did it for me early on. I’d have to say Cody Johnson and Randall King are some of the newer ones that I listen to a lot, as well. I’m probably a good blend of all of them.

Worlds of Country: What’s the story behind your new song, One Drink In?

Donice: I was in a songwriting session with Mark Nesler, and he pitched this song to me. It’s about how intoxicating that early infatuation with someone can be. It was something a little different than what I had been recording, but I knew I had to get it in the studio ASAP. And I think most everyone can relate to that feeling… not so much love at first sight, but instant infatuation.

Worlds of Country: What’s next for you?

Donice: Well “One Drink In” is just the first part of a trilogy of songs that we are releasing. All 3 songs are recorded, and we are shooting the last 2 videos later this month. 

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  1. Donice est aussi connu en France où l’on adore sa musique et sa voix . C’est morceaux inspirent des chorégraphes qui lui écrivent de magnifiques chorées comme Frédéric Fassiaux. On adore . Dominique Assens de Montauban, France

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