Six Pack of Songs (August 24th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we count down and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: I Can’t Unlove You, Lindsay James- There’s certain aspects of heartbreaking that are nearly impossible to escape. While moving on may not always be difficult, forgetting the love that was shared can often be a whole ‘nother battle. Lindsay James learns this lesson the hard way as she tries to unlove her ex and comes to the heartbreaking realization that it is a simply impossible task. James’ genre-bending style is on full display throughout the track and creates three plus minutes of delectable bliss.

5: Hood Of That Car, Corey Kent- Corey Kent continues to blow up with his new single, Hood Of That Car. Kent continues to gather momentum throughout the track about finding love in the most unlikely of places. Kent details the old adages of where love is found and proceeds to find it on the Hood Of That Car. Kent’s storytelling gravitas is downright special and is more than evident throughout Hood Of That Car.

4: Keeping Me Up All Night, Chayce Beckham- Another blissful dose of heartbreaking, CHayce Beckham brings the goods on his new single, Keeping Me Up All Night. Beckham, having met the girl of his dreams, can’t imagine life without her even after she inevitably broke his heart, and transformed from the girl of his dreams into the girl that now haunts his dreams. Beckham feels no escape from the vacuous cave of Brokenheartsville and continues to daydream of a future that drifts further and further away. Beckham’s gravely vocal adds a dynamic of extra emotion to the track and helps elevate the deep cutting lyrics.

3: Heartbreak, Ben Burgess- “Heartbreak makes the world go ‘round!” Ben Burgess shines throughout his new single. Heartbreak. Burgess delves into all of life’s activities that are better enjoyed whilst heartbroken. Burgess’ commentary on the state of the brokenhearted is profound and enlightening as to just how a broken heart operates. The funky sounding and excellently delivered track is a prime example of what makes Burgess such an interesting and unique artist to watch.

2: Somebody’s Gotta Do It, Faren Rachels- Somebody has to do the leaving, as unenviable of a role as it may be there is simply no avoiding the fact that Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Rachels’ understands that this relationship has more than run its course and that the time for leaving is now, even if she has to be the one to do the leaving Rachels is willing to in order to accelerate the process of healing and moving on. The up-tempo track mixed with the all too real lyrics is an incredible blend and showcase of Rachels’ superb talent.

1: Where It Ends, Bailey Zimmerman- A palpable slice of righteous indignation, Where It Ends is a shining moment for Bailey Zimmerman. Zimmerman tries his hardest to hold onto a love that he feels slipping away, until he ultimately reaches the point where he realizes that love shouldn’t be this hard. Zimmerman strengthens from this heartbreak and comes to the realization that love he so desperately desires was simply misplaced, and is still out there waiting to be found. Zimmerman, now equipped with knowledge as to what love should feel like, is determined not to make the same mistakes over again. Zimmerman’s raspy vocal adds an incredible edge to the already anger-dripped lyrics and helps make this song one of the best so far this year.

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