Hunter Rae Says Goodbye to ‘Old Me’

The old Hunter can’t come to the phone right now…. It always feel good to find yourself after a prolonged of searching. Released from her constant need for people pleasing, Hunter Rae does exactly this on her new single, Old Me, an honest and articulate testament to Rae’s growth and newfound confidence. With a distinct Taylor Swift-esque vibe, Rae shines incredibly bright on Old Me, as she embraces her current self while noting all the progress she’s made to get to where she is today.

Lyrically Old Me is filled with honesty and a whole bunch of sass, as Rae takes on a vivacious yet introspective persona throughout a track bound to resonate with listeners longing for growth and way to say goodbye to parts of the past riddled with toxicity. Old Me is a track full of life and confidence, and Rae’s beautiful vocals match and elevate the song’s infectious energy.

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