Exclusive: Go Behind The Scenes of Mitch Bradford’s New Album, “Close”

With an obvious 70’s theme, it’s fitting that Mitch Bradford recorded his latest album, Close, at the same studio where Fleetwood Mac recorded many of their hits. With a clearer vision of his artistic ethos, Bradford is extremely proud of his latest project and has given WoC exclusive behind the scenes photos from the recording process, and chatted with us all about the new project and more!

Worlds of Country: What was the process like putting together your new album, Close at the same studio that Fleetwood Mac recorded so many of their iconic hits?

Mitch: It all started with finding a great producer. I found that producer in Jon Gilbert. We put together a vision for the record and one big aspect of that vision was to have a 70s live rock sound. That meant we needed to record it in a 70s-style studio and that meant only one place: The Village. It’s an iconic LA recording studio, and Studio D at the Village, where we recorded, was built by Fleetwood Mac. You could still feel Fleetwood Mac living there in the room. It had their vibe in the walls — fun, spirited, all about making great music. That’s reflected on our record.

Worlds of Country:  Where did you draw inspiration from for this project?

Mitch: The main inspiration for this record is the great 70s radio rock tradition — Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac. We wanted to make a record that reinvigorated this sound from the past and made it current. We wanted a sound that would be great for road trips, camping, barbeques. Something people wanted to turn up. 

Worlds of Country: How do you feel you’ve grown artistically from your previous projects to this one?

Mitch: I’m a stronger songwriter and a stronger singer. The vision is much clearer, too. You can feel that command all over this record. 

Worlds of Country: What would you say are the theme or themes throughout this album?

Mitch: The themes of this record are: a love of music and a zest for life. It’s radio rock. It’s 70s rock. It’s all about falling back in love with music and feeling good again. We wrapped all these themes in some high-vibe California-sunshine wrapping paper, but this music is all about helping people feel good again. Finding our excitement for life again through the music. We wanted to bring back excitement for life through song. 

Worlds of Country: Are there any songs that stick out as personal favorites, and if so what makes those songs particularly special?

Mitch: “More Than Life”, “Slow It Down”, “I Can Fly” — those are three great tracks that lay the foundation for the record. “More Than Life” is all about a love of radio. “Slow It Down” is about falling in love too fast.” “I Can Fly” is about how love is more powerful than addiction. The way we were able to get those meanings across through the music and lyrics makes these tracks so special. 

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