Six Pack of Songs (August 16th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we count down and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Kinda Don’t Ever, Anna Vaus- With her trademarked laid back delivery, and visceral lyrical punch, Anna Vaus continues to shine bright on her new single, Kinda Don’t Ever. Vaus reminisces on a past failed relationship, and realizes that while at times she wonders what could’ve been or possibly could still be, the majority of the time Vaus would rather never see or think of this ex ever again. Kinda Don’t Ever is deeply relatable to all those who’ve walked post-breakup emotional tightrope before finding closure.

5: Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You, Morgan Johnston- A full throated embrace of her chaotic lifestyle, Morgan Johnston shows off a new side on her new single, Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You. Johnston’s stunning vocals and deadly honest lyrical penchant are both on full display throughout the up-tempo and highly relatable track aimed at embracing the inner hot mess in all of us. Johnston continues her incredible run of singles as Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You follows in the footsteps of After Me and The End.

4: Getting Into, Ashley Cooke- Entering a new relationship is often met with a wild recklessness that at times blinds us and prevents us from seeing the full picture of the person we’re so quickly falling for. In hopes of avoiding her new boo’s sudden realization of her highs and lows, Ashley Cooke is upfront about  who she is and how she lives, and truly embraces herself, flaws and all. Cooke wants all the facts on the table before her feelings get too deep and her heart gets broken, if this relationship is to end Cooke would much prefer it to end now, while her heart can still escape unscathed. 

3: Ex Appeal, Lauren Weintraub- The lyrical genius of Lauren Weintraub becomes more and more apparent with each release. Ex Appeal is a message to anyone thinking of running back to their ex in a moment of loneliness, or drunkenness. Melodically Ex Appeal is downright infectious and Weintraub sings the absolute lights out with her powerful vocal filled with an endless amount of sass.

2: Placeholder, Kaylin Roberson- THE SADNESS!!!! Placeholder is by far the vulnerable and heartbreakingly honest track released this week. Written from the point of view of a girl who was used as a rebound until her boyfriend worked it out with his ex, Placeholder is simply brilliant and all too relatable. Roberson comes to the realization that this relationship didn’t mean anything to the guy when she runs into him back his ex and begins questioning what exactly she was to him, wondering if she was merely a Placeholder for a man who never planned on staying. Roberson’s delivery is tender and breathtakingly authentic, allowing listeners to feel the true punch of the incredibly heartbreaking lyrics.

1: Next Thing You Know, Jordan Davis- Next Thing You Know feels like a sequel to Buy Dirt in which Davis takes his grandfather’s advice on how to live his life. Next Thing You Know takes listeners on a journey throughout the life of a man starting from falling love to having grandkids, and the song truly encapsulates just how quickly life can fly by when you’re busy living. Next Thing You Know is beautifully penned and performed and leaves listeners waiting for what Davis has in store next.

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