Greylan James Steps Into Spotlight For Debut EP, “I Hope She Hears These”

From it’s clever concept to it’s brilliant execution, Greylan James’ debut EP, I Hope She Hears These, is the perfect project for the brokenhearted, pining for a way back into the arms of their lost lover. Each of the project’s five tracks is akin to a figurative rock tossed lightly at the window of James’ ex, in hopes of garnering a reaction of some sort, any sort. James, a hit songwriter, with cuts with Kenny Chesney (Happy Does #1) and Cole Swindell, steps into the spotlight shows off his unique artistic flow throughout a debut project merging a multitude of genres, landing on a sound that is authentic to James.

Credit: Connor Moors

Anything Cold kicks the project off by telling listeners about how James and his ex met, Anything Cold serves as Tequila Makes Her Clothes Off‘s beer drinking cousin, as James remarks on just how happy and vivacious his ex would become upon only a few sips of Anything Cold. Walls continues where Anything Cold left off as James feels his tough exterior, his Walls beginning to crack as he allows his eventual ex into his heart, once his Walls eventually crumble. Where You Got It From shows off James’ knowledge of his ex’s past in an attempt to show her just how much he truly cares, James hopes that he doesn’t ultimately back a piece of Where You Got It From history and instead continues to be a part of her story going forward.

Make The Best Memories is the most reflective track on a project full of reflection, James reminisces all of their memories and the way he simply felt better back when he was with his ex, busy making all of the best memories a man can’t buy. Damaged closes out the project with a true knockout punch as James explains just what made his ex pull away and leave him in the dust, James spends the masterfully penned track explaining to her that her deepest held insecurities are unfounded and that she is not in fact Damaged, only in need of love that won’t leave her scarred.

I Hope She Hears These announces James’ arrival onto the scene with a whale sized splash, leaving listeners with a project that feels real and honest, and all too relatable to boot.

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