Natalia Taylar Left Feeling ‘Bitter’

Sometimes the sweetest relationships come with the world’s most Bitter aftertastes. Natalia Taylar brilliantly outlines how she learned this lesson the hear way on her new single, Bitter. Taylar takes listeners through her relationship from honey soaked start to to Bitter end. Lyrically the track resonates with listeners wallowing in the distaste of heartbreak and longing to move on to something sweeter.

Taylar cultivates a rocking yet downtrodden vibe that keeps listeners hooked from first note to last syllable. The emotion in Taylar’s vocal is palpable and elevates the inherently vulnerable nature of the track, and creates a space for listeners to attach their own heartbreaks to the tale Taylar has masterfully woven. Taylar’s ability to strip back complex emotions to simple matters of the heart is on full display throughout Bitter which has the makings of a breakout track.

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