Six Pack of Songs (August 8th)

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we count down and review our six favorite new singles from the past week!

6: Your Hands, Mae Estes- A beautifully penned love song about the unseen sacrifices that often accompany love and chasing down a dream, on Your Hands, Estes notes all of the incredible sacrifices her husband has made in order to assist her chasing down her musical dreams. Estes’ classic country roots are on full display throughout the track and her big, full throated vocals elevate Your Hands to the next level.

5: Ones Before Me, Grace Leer- Paying homage to the country music legends that have forever left their mark on the genre’s history and trajectory, Grace Leer’s new single, Ones Before Me is an artful throwback dripping with nostalgia and fond memories. Leer’s ability to lean into the genre’s roots in a way that is truthful and authentic resonates with listeners as they nod along with the new single.

4: Alabama Girl, Jordan Harvey- Hailing from across the pond, Jordan Harvey found love in the most unexpected of places. Harvey spends Alabama Girl telling the world all about his newfound boo and how love often grows wild where you’d least expect it. The up-tempo track and engaging lyric hook listeners from start to finish as Harvey leaves a lasting impression with Alabama Girl.

3:THE LITTLE THINGS, Kelsea Ballerini- With a desire to get back to the basics, and away from the glitz and glamor of celebrity, Kelsea Ballerini wants to strip life down to the THE LITTLE THINGS. Ballerini’s big vocals and pop sensibilities steal the show throughout the rocking, up-tempo track, released ahead of Ballerini’s album out later this year.

2: Handle on You, Parker McCollum- It’s about time we got to our heartbreaker of the week! And man did Parker McCollum deliver with Handle On You. Filled with tremendously fun word play, Handle On You zeroes in on the drinking that often ensues in the aftermath of love gone wrong. McCollum’s Texas roots and longing vocals shine throughout the three plus minutes of pure heartbreaking bliss. 

1: Loud House, Madison Kozak- Wow Wow Wow!!! Soaking in nostalgia for simpler, although more raucous times, Madison Kozak reflects on her loud upbringing on her latest single, Loud House. Although it was lead and rambunctious, Kozak wouldn’t trade her Loud House for anything in the world, finding peace amidst the chaos of growing up in a large family. The stripped down production and Kozak’s stunning, soulful vocals alone are enough to blow listeners away, but once you add in the deep and resonant lyrics Loud House is this week’s biggest standout track by a large margin.

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