Grammy Nominated Writer Bobby Pinson Set For First Release in 15 Years

Tackling real life issues in a way that is both delicate and brutally honest, hit songwriter Bobby Pinson is set for his first release in 15 years. Having written songs for the likes of Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, and more, the Grammy nominated writer is hopeful that his new single, The Shave, will give listeners a fuller picture of Pinson the artist, as opposed to Pinson the writer. Pinson is hopeful that his 15 years away from the spotlight, continuing to hone his craft, will allow him the perspective necessary to connect with listeners even more so than before.

The Shave is a beautifully penned track examining the seemingly unbreakable bond between father and son. The deeply personal, yet highly relatable lyric, allows listeners to add their personal experiences to the masterful picture painted by Pinson. Pinson’s everyman delivery style resonates deeply with listeners and allows the lyrical depth to shine through. 

The Shave is set to be released next Friday, August 12th and can be pre-saved here!!!

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